Acabado WordPress Theme Review: Fastest Theme Or Not?

If you are already familiar with the Income School and their online courses, you probably know they have released their own WordPress theme that suits niche websites. Called Acabado, this theme has everything you need to set up and run a potentially successful niche site. This is an in-depth and honest Acabado theme review that will allow you to decide whether investing in it would be a good idea for your online business.

Why Choose WordPress To Power Your Online Endeavour?

WordPress is a well-known CMS. Boasting an impressive suite of features and robust APIs, it can be used not only by people that want to build a professional online presence–it’s also ideal for users wanting to quickly start an online business. For beginners and professionals alike, this is the perfect platform to start a business from scratch because it’s super reliable, flexible, easy to use, and, most importantly, free! So grab your pitchforks, make your case, and get ready to make some noise!

Armed with WordPress, you can create a pretty modern website that looks great no matter where you’re trying to achieve web domination. Well, more than a majority of modern websites. If your site isn’t focused on building page views and gaining new customers, it’s pretty safe to assume that you aren’t in a “business.”

Acabado Theme Features and Benefits

In today’s world of digital marketing, time is money, which is why, when your website features little else but features, it’s always better to position your site to fill every low-hanging online fruit. If possible, your visitors may find that the actual content of your website is just icing on the cake. A useful – though not necessarily innovative – way to cram your website with these no-brainers is to use a WordPress theme that’s tailored towards content readability and not useless sliding animations.

Even though Acabado WordPress Theme may not impress with its looks, this theme is crafted to provide you with a fast and effective website, just perfect for a website that’s built with sales and conversions in mind. Here are a few of the features you should know about when shopping around for a new WordPress theme.

Optimized for Speed

It doesn’t matter if you are running an online business, a community website, or a personal blog: You want to be able to load pages as fast as possible, and that means you need to invest in the WordPress theme that’s optimized for performance, and that’s responsive.

Acabado WordPress Theme is able to achieve a score of 100 on Google’s Page Speed Insights tool right off the bat. You’ll be able to attain such scores even on image-rich websites and also on mobile. Other themes require AMP pages to get this fast.

As you probably know already, AMP and affiliate marketing don’t go very well together, so you shouldn’t use them for your niche sites. After all, you need all tracking programs to work on all of your pages, in order to secure a high conversion rate and a steady flow of passive income.

Built with SEO In Mind

Some website has excellent content, but its analytics report says that most of its visitors are hitting the site by accident. SEO is often equivalent to single task-oriented machines – machines that made to take a particular path, meaning that optimization efforts are almost never accidental. If your website didn’t optimize for search engines, it will, for the foreseeable future, rank somewhere near the bottom of the results—unless you do something to get to the top.

And, in the end, optimization is really all about your goal: are you trying to drive paid traffic to your site or are you trying to draw search traffic to your site?

A high-quality website makes people want to visit you and has some other tangible value, too. But beyond that, your content should match the needs of your intended audience, and for that to happen, you must have a website design that follows standard SEO practices.

Acabado includes all SEO features you need to optimize your pages for their most relevant keywords. Unlike other themes that require you to install and configure an SEO plugin, this one has everything included. It even comes with the Schema markup already built-in.

Mobile-First Approach

A common way to increase your SEO rankings is to make the format of your website responsive. This means that your website can take different sizes and layouts, depending on the size of your visitor’s browser. With the help of responsive design, you can increase the amount of time visitors spend browsing your website. If the structure changes according to the size of your visitors’ browser, you can expect them to go through the whole site faster and make better decisions regarding where and what to buy.

Mobile responsive is an approach to making a website mobile friendly and easier to navigate. This makes it easier for mobile users to navigate and consume your content in a more optimal way. Many of the common approaches for mobile responsive website layouts include installing a responsive template.

Today most of the modern themes use responsive mobile design. Nevertheless, many of them follow the old school approach, so they are built with the desktop version first. Since Google switched to mobile-first indexing, the chances are that websites powered by such themes don’t rank as high as they deserve in the SERPs.

Furthermore, over 60 percent of your website’s visitors will use a mobile device. This is why you should always ensure you pick a theme that uses a mobile-first architecture. Acabado does, so you don’t have to worry about losing those mobile users before they have a chance to make a purchase or to subscribe to your newsletter. On the other hand, you want your website to load as fast as possible, as that can influence your SEO and also the user experience. The more you manage to provide your readers with a good experience, the more Google will love your website and will reward you with good rankings.

Anti-Bounce Protection

You may not know it, but you live under an online dictatorship. All those pop-ups, ads, and other clutter are created by a company whose sole task is to exploit your ignorance—and to boost the bottom line of a company whose sole purpose is to exploit your ignorance.

Many websites publish pop-ups when they want you to sign in or open a menu. Each new one has its own justification — whether the goal is to persuade you to sign up for their newsletters, registration for their newsletter, or provide feedback on their website. In short, they all do the same thing; they annoy the hell out of you!

We all have had our fair share of experience with them. And realizing the frustration one can have because of pop-ups, you will want to use a theme that gives you and your visitors the necessary options to get rid of them from your own website. With Acabado, you’ll be able to make your website visitors feel like they are in control over their browsing experience. At the same time, you’ll be able to hit them with non-intrusive messages to encourage them to spend more time on your website.

This special feature allows you to be persuasive without annoying your readers. This is a better way to determine them to stay on your site than the traditional pop-ups.

Unique Homepage Customization

What do you think is the most important feature of your website? A modern design builds the client’s visual identity into the experience while also bringing new visitors into the client’s brand and reinforcing the client’s equity. A modern design delivers a positive, energetic, socially inspiring, and heartfelt experience for your users. And many researches have concluded that the homepage of every website is the most important influence in building engagement and trust.

So, your website’s homepage is arguably the most important. This is why you need to pay special attention to its design and to its main elements. Developers and designers of Acabado WordPress Theme, realizing this empowers you with the necessary options that let you, customer, your site according to your brand’s needs. To build trust, you must first understand your target audience and design specifically for them.

Most niche site themes have a boring homepage that contains a blogroll and perhaps a few other features. On the contrary, Acabado allows you to place whatever you want on your homepage. If, for instance, you know that one of your posts brings in a lot of viewers and qualified leads, you can showcase it in the best spot on your homepage, in order to attract even more traffic. Also, you can display the main categories of your website, or the social media handles in the best positions to attract a steady flow of conversions and interactions.

Pinterest Image Optimization

Pinterest is a lot more than a simple social network. It is also a visual search engine that has a tremendous power to drive heaps of high-quality traffic to a niche website. However, you have to make it easy for your readers to pin and share your content. This means that you have to carefully optimize your images for Pinterest. Thanks to Acabado, you won’t have to put up with massive images that slow down your website, only to offer your readers nice photos to pin. Everything will be streamlined and fast-loading, so you’ll always have pinnable posts that don’t take ages to load.

Acabado Pros & Cons


  • Modern design, optimized for mobile
  • Excellent loading speed
  • Great flexibility and countless homepage customization possibilities
  • SEO-ready right from the start, without the need for a dedicated SEO plugin
  • Great support and customer service provided by the Income School, one of the best online marketing training resources available
  • Integrated page builders to help you customize your website as you see fit
  • Reasonable pricing policy that allows you to install the theme on as many websites as you wish and keep it for good, even if you choose to cancel your yearly membership


  • Acabado is best for niche websites, so it may not be suitable for regular blogs or e-commerce websites
  • The documentation is mainly in video format, so you have to be prepared to watch some videos in order to understand and make use of the full capabilities of this theme


Acabado WordPress theme definitely falls under an affordable price tag. Unlike many premium WordPress themes from professional entrepreneurs and marketers, which usually commands fees in hundreds of dollars, this professionally designed, user-oriented, mobile responsive WordPress theme can be yours for just 99 USD. What even more interesting about this team is the fact that with one single purchase, you get a lifetime license to use this theme on an unlimited website.

If you have ever purchased a WordPress theme before, you will know that for every new installation, you must purchase another license or have to purchase a multi or developer license that enables you to install that theme on a specific number or unlimited website.

With Acabado, you don’t have to worry about any such. Make a single purchase and enjoy a lifetime free updates along with unlimited installations.


If you intend to develop one niche website or more, you should ensure that you choose a WordPress theme to allow you to set these websites up the right way, so that you can make them look great to visitors. WordPress is no stranger to creating a beautiful website, so you might consider looking for a professional theme designed by someone with some experience in website design and marketing to take your next website venture into the next level.

The key to success in any aspect of your online business is to ensure that you make choices based on your true needs. Acabado is one of the best choices available today. The theme has excellent support from the Income School staff; it is fully customizable, SEO-ready, and optimized for speed. It allows the customization of the homepage is a way that allows you to promote your best stuff. Also, it has a special feature that keeps users on the website without annoying them with pop-ups. Briefly, buying Acabado is one of the best decisions you could possibly make.

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I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Acabado Review and I wish you the best of luck.

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