Top 12 Best Converting Shopify Themes

Do you want more paying visitors, aka customers on your web-store? Well, as a concerned business, if you want to improve your sales and ROI by investing less in customer acquisition, then your first concern should be making your site easy and intuitive to use.

Luckily, if you have chosen Shopify as your business platform, you can use any of the themes available to create, design, and personalize brand specific, search engine optimized, and, most importantly, conversion-optimized web stores in minutes.

But the question remains, which Shopify theme should you use to create your store? Hey everyone, today in this listicle, I am going to walk you through some truly impressive and probably among the best converting Shopify themes you can find on the Internet along with some essential tips and factors you must consider before picking any store template.

#1. eCom Turbo

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If you already make a good number of sales but aren’t getting the conversions that you want, then I suggest looking at this particular option. Anything you put together with this Shopify template will feature a great layout on both mobile and desktop technology, and once you get the hang of it, you can easily come up with multiple stores with ease.

Ecom Turbo is the brainchild of Franklin Hatchet, who himself is an established dropshipper and a leading Internet marketer having succeeded in generating six-figure annual revenues from several of his online businesses. Franklin Hatchet is also the author and creator of eCom Elites, which often is considered by many dropshipping professionals and enthusiasts to be the most well-informed and yet affordable course on dropshipping.

Ecom Turbo, just like most other Shopify themes, including those listed here, are designed to provide marketers with a feature-rich and conversion-optimized template for their online store that will help them to not only increase their brand authority but also retain most of their existing customers.

There are many advanced features incorporated into this theme, including scarcity timer, up-selling and cross-selling, automated sales pop-ups, and, most importantly, improved page loading.

1. Scarcity Timer

Marketers struggling with their inherently volatile ROI will find this to be a pearl in the vast ocean. The Rarity Timer, which is essentially a fake timer, provides you with the essential functions needed to manipulate the mindset of your visitors and get them to shop on your online store.

Once this feature is activated, it integrates a fake timer on each specific product page (which you can obviously customize), indicating a certain time after which this specific product will be out of stock. To sweeten the deal, you can even add a personalized coupon code as well, indicating that you already offer a certain percentage discount on each purchase.

The time-limited availability, coupled with the time-limited discount creates a rarefied scenario that prompts your visitors to make the purchase decision faster, helping you earn more money without investing in customer acquisition.

2. Faster page loading

Shopify, as an e-commerce platform, is packed with features offering options and customizations for every type of business. Its interface is both simple and yet intricate, offering customizable settings that can be managed by a simple click or by coding. However, there is one specific area where Shopify is simply not great, and that is performance optimization. Now, don’t think that Shopify is inappropriate for established businesses with thousands of concurrent users and that with the excessive load, they will shut down your website. What I’m talking about is page load time, which requires some optimization to achieve a certain Google page speed score that, if you don’t know it, is one of the several factors that Google takes into account before ranking a website in its search results.

Realizing the importance of website performance, Ecom Turbo uses a variety of techniques to help your website achieve higher Google page speed scores, including reduced static assets (such as style sheets and JavaScript files), less reliance on third-party assets, and optimized fonts or icons.

3. Sales pop-up

Yet another great and proven integrated feature designed to significantly improve overall user interaction, page views, and sales. By enabling this option, you will have access to specific options for specifying the products you want to display in the pop-up notification. Now, it is crucial to understand that this is a fake pop-up notification that displays a new fake sale on your online store after a specific interval. This helps you establish the authority of your brand in front of your website visitors by assuring them that they can invest their money on your products because many other people are already buying your products. After you specify the item for the pop-up in the settings, there will be a few more options to customize the look and feel of the pop-up.

4. Upsell and cross-sell

Ecom Turbo gives you access to a technique used by multinational companies worldwide in understanding their customers and using the knowledge gained to improve their overall sales. Upselling and cross-selling is a global practice of exposing your new or existing customers to products that are extremely similar to the ones that they have purchased. For example, if one of your customers is planning to purchase a couch from your online store, you will want to suggest items such as couch cushions, a center table, side tables, etc. because they are all must-have products and will help enhance your customer’s couch experience tremendously. And that’s exactly what Ecom Turbo gives you access to. You can activate this feature via the theme customization panel, and once activated, Ecom Turbo will automatically display the associated products on the add to cart and checkout pages based on taxonomy.

And all this for one single fee. Created from scratch by a well-known name in the Drop Shipment industry, this is, without a doubt, one of the best templates you can hope to use.


#2. Booster Theme

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More than three thousand online stores already use this template, and for a good reason, it’s really easy to customize the Shopify theme. In fact, adaptability may well be the best feature of this particular template. However, this design also has up to ten applications that you can install and use simultaneously, which can help boost sales.

If you are looking for a Shopify theme designed and built according to the recommendations of a world-renowned conversion optimization study, then look further as Booster Theme is the answer to all your problems.

If you really want to improve your sales today, then you should invest in a Shopify theme that integrates dozens of proven conversion optimization techniques into your online store with just one click.

In addition to its affordable price, what really makes Booster Theme different is its advanced functionality and customization that allows you to add brand-specific customization onto your shop without having to write a single line of code. Moreover, coupled with nearly ten built-in applications, it gives you access to so many premium features that you’ll regret your decision not to invest in this theme earlier.

Among the many premium features, social proof sales notifications, premium products, related products, and the automated geo-IP currency converter are the most important and what you will rarely find in any other premium Shopify theme.

1. Social Proof Sales Notification

This unique feature allows you to show your visitors global sales purchases on your website. This means that every time someone arrives on your product page, minimalist and beautifully designed pop-ups will appear near the bottom of the screen showing recent purchases by different customers on your website. This unique approach is very effective in increasing your visitors’ confidence in your brand or business, helping you build community and authority in your niche. In addition, if your business is new and you don’t have any sales yet, you can configure this built-in feature to display false sales. Simply choose the products you want to display in the pop-up, and you will then have access to certain settings to customize the display and overall impression of the pop-ups.

2. Product Pop-up Upgrade

This is one of the many features for which you will have to pay a premium of nearly $348 per year if you don’t have a Shopify booster theme. The upscale product pop-up is essentially a feature that allows you to display free items for visitors who have just added a product to their shopping cart. These free products are closely related to the items your visitor plans to purchase, improving the average value of your order without having to invest extra money in advertising. In addition, it also helps you build up your visitors’ trust by making them feel that your business or online store has multiple products and not just one.

3. Related Products

If you have ever shopped on an Amazon, by now, you already know what this feature means. This is another feature set that allows you to further improve the average order value of your online store by displaying taxonomy-based related products to your customers. Again, this functionality has a dedicated application on the Shopify App Store, and if you don’t have a Booster theme, you’ll end up paying nearly $216 US each year to access and implement the related product functionality on your Shopify Store.

4. Geo-IP Currency Converter

This is probably the most advanced feature of Booster Theme as it allows you to automatically convert the currency symbol as well as the global value of any product based on your visitors’ geolocation. Not only does this powerful feature empower your customers to review all your products in their native currency, but it also allows them to make their purchase decision faster. In addition, it also helps build trust because they believe your company operates in their region as well.

Currently, the booster theme supports currency conversion for 180 different countries and, yet again, it’s one of many features where you will end up paying nearly US$120 if you don’t have access to the booster theme.

To keep up with the changing online world, this template works on laptops and desktops as well as smartphones and tablets. One of its mobile feature, in particular, is that it displays product image, title, and buy button right above the fold, making it relatively easy for users to close a sale. An updated version of this theme offers users thousands of different pre-built styles, allowing users to choose or customize one style over the others simply by choosing various content modules.

Should you buy the Booster Shopify theme?

Well, honestly, I find no reason why you shouldn’t. Certainly, to fully understand what this theme is capable of, you will have to invest in its first, but if you are afraid of losing your money, then don’t worry because this theme comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if under any circumstances you feel that this theme is not appropriate for you or your business, you are free to ask for your money without risking anything.

Many users, who have used this theme or are actively using this theme on their online store, have reported an increase in sales of 20-30% by simply activating this template on their store.

What this theme brings you is absolutely outstanding. Not only does it deliver the combined power of proven Premium Shopify applications in a single package. But it also helps you earn a lot more for very little money.

All in all, the Shopify Booster theme is highly recommended and particularly useful for businesses that have only a few products listed in their shop.

#3. Shella

Image result for shella theme"

Shella is one of a handful of versatile Shopify themes built and designed with a focus on optimizing page speed along with tons of unique built-in features.

Apart from the booster in this list, Shella is the only theme that is capable of scoring nearly 95 pages on mobile devices and up to 99/100 pages on desktops for your online store. But what do these scores mean for non-developers – primarily business owners who typically have little or no knowledge of performance optimization?

Well, based on the fact that in 2010, Google agreed, they consider website speed as one of the crucial factors before ranking any website in search engine results pages. Meaning that the higher your score on their proprietary page speed tool, the more likely you are to outperform your competitor and have access to unlimited, highly targeted, and sales-oriented organic traffic simply by changing the design of your online store.

What makes Shella truly intuitive is the built-in support and availability of the multi-currency payment page, which means you don’t need to spend an extra $45 USD per month on a premium Shopify extension. In addition, the developers understand that you, as an entrepreneur, might have chosen a creative niche to pursue your online dreams and so provide you with four pre-built, custom-designed, mobile-optimized layouts in four diverse categories: electronics, kitchenware, cosmetics, and furniture.

To make implementation easy, even for non-developers, MPIthemes (developer of this theme) provides you with a one-click import function enabling you to implement any of the four layouts on your site with a single mouse click. In addition, it comes with six conversion-optimized skins that you can implement on your site to give your online store a modern yet easy-to-navigate look and feel.

With the latest updates 3.3 and 3.4, the Shella Shopify theme has enhanced its feature set, now offering advanced integrated multi-currency support for payment pages as well as a custom Christmas shop template to all its existing users.

The introduction of multi-currency support is truly beneficial for all types of businesses, including those that are already and those that plan to reach a global audience. With this advanced built-in functionality, the website administrator can enable automatic conversion of product prices based on the visitor’s location. Of course, access to the visitor’s IP address is required, and it is therefore recommended to have a specific clause related to this feature on your GDPR policy page to avoid any penalty to you and your company from the European Union.

Apart from this unique feature, what really makes Shella a perfect choice for business owners without any technical knowledge is its built-in WYSIWYG content builder allowing the creation of dynamic websites by simply dragging and dropping various content elements to specific content blocks. Using this feature, anyone can create full-fledged product pages, landing pages, home pages, archives, and just about anything else imaginable without the need for programming knowledge. What’s more, no matter how you create your personalized layout, everything stays mobile responsive, user-friendly, and performance-optimized to ensure better user interaction and better sales.

Typography is another area where the Shella Shopify theme excels over the rest of its competitors. Users using Shella v3 or higher now have access to advanced typography and color customization options that they can access and customize to their needs with a simple drop-down menu and color selector. Using the built-in typography option, business owners can customize fonts, font size, text color, height, width, capitalization, among many others, by simply selecting the appropriate option. In addition, all settings can be made globally or can be customized on a page-by-page basis, giving users greater control over overall design customization.

Well, if that’s not enough to satisfy your thirst for more, Shella comes with many premium features that would otherwise only be possible by investing and installing additional premium extensions.

Some of these premium features include a Mega Menu that you can further customize to your liking. Product templates, customizable shipping progress bar, price countdown, inventory countdown, collection filter, built-in ability to compare between products, related products, and dozens of others.

#4. Ella

Image result for ella theme"

With well over 12,000 existing customers and a score of 4.79/5 based on upwards of 450 reviews, Ella has proven to be worthy of inclusion in this list and from what I’ve discovered by exploring its unrivalled features, it is truly among the best converting Shopify themes on the Internet.

Ella became available in 2014 and since then has undergone a series of updates based on feedback from existing customers and changing marketing imperatives.

What truly makes Ella a superior choice for a Shopify store owner is it’s mobile responsive, professionally designed eye-catching layouts. Being based on bootstrap v4 front-end framework, this Shopify theme enjoys the fluid layout unlike any other theme on the market. Moreover, it also features extremely easy navigation, which makes it easier for your visitors to navigate around your site and explore all your offerings.

Thanks to its incredible user interface and graphics, your visitors can enjoy the same level of user experience on all types of devices.

The way Ella puts your product in the spotlight proves how devoted the developers have been toward conversion optimization and better user experience. And to ensure that every Shopify store owner gets an opportunity to make their online business more lucrative for Internet dwellers, developers have priced this theme for reasonable $ 59; moreover, they are also offering lifetime free updates coupled with six months of support we are dedicated customer only community forum.

Today, Ella offers customers more than 15 highly customizable and conversion-oriented homepage layouts that can be further enriched with over 11 child themes that come as part of the complete package. As a customer, you will also have access to a selection of more than nine custom layouts for unique product pages, seven layouts to help you create stunning category pages, and many more for collection, blog, brands, etc.

Now for those individuals who believe in slow and steady growth, you must be interested in search engine optimization, and fortunately, the Ella Shopify theme is crafted with integrated support for rich snippets enabling you to rank high on search results. In fact, according to Search Engine Land (a prominent SEO magazine), websites that have implemented rich snippets have scored up to 30% improvement in click-through rate.

In addition, Ella’s developers understand that many entrepreneurs want to go global with their online store and therefore provides GDPR compliance features to give their online store the first legal defense against the heavy penalties imposed by the European Union, especially if you use an extension or service that works by collecting data from your site’s visitors.

To give you a better opportunity to optimize your online business, the developers of the Ella Shopify theme have partnered with BoostCommerce to further extend Shopify’s default search with an advanced product filter and automatic search based on suggestions.

Of course, this is a third-party service, and you will have to pay a premium to activate the features of the BoostCommerce application on your site, what Ella offers you is 100% compatibility with this application. This means that as a business owner, all you have to do is install this application and without having to write a single line of code, you will be able to activate an advanced and extensive search functionality on your website, with filtering based on product, product type, brand, price, label and dozens of others. In addition, BoostCommerce also offers a flawless automatic search functionality similar to what Google and Amazon offer their users.

Beyond that, Ella’s developers have also partnered with ISORAW, which allows you to take your online business to the next level by harnessing the power of the Instagram user base.

ISORAW, according to many Instagram marketers, is an all-in-one toolkit that gives you access to literally everything you need to increase your presence on Instagram and promote your business in a way that is uniquely rewarding to both you and your customers.

ISORAW gives you access to gallery feeds, an account analyzer, a collaboration builder, PayPal payment integration, a powerful blog builder, a full-fledged rewards program, and much more. Best of all, you can access and manage all these advanced features directly from your Shopify account panel. So, the question is, what does Ella really offer you by partnering with ISORAW? And the answer is seamless integration.

You have to understand that these applications are third party services and are mainly used by large companies that invest hundreds of thousands of dollars per year or maybe even per month to ensure global reach. Obviously, these companies will not use pre-made or free Shopify templates. What they do use is a custom template, something that is designed based on scientific understanding of their customers and with built-in support for third party services such as the two listed here.

So, by investing in Ella Shopify template, you not only get a superior design coupled with an advanced marketing feature set that has demonstrated to improve your conversion rate and sales, but you also have the ability to seamlessly integrate some of the best technologies in the world that can truly improve your return on investment and help you develop a better understanding of your customers.

#5. BEStore

Image result for BEStore theme"

Flexibility is the name of the game with this layout option. In fact, you get nine different layouts already designed for you. If you have a wide variety of many different SKUs, then you can use BEStore to organize everything quite efficiently in ways where everything gets its moment in the spotlight.

BEStore, in addition to the default layout, offers you nine custom layouts, professionally designed and above all 100% mobile responsive, which you can tailor according to your creativity and your brand’s requirements later on through the theme customization panel. In addition to these layouts, this Shopify theme gives you the freedom to display your products in a different guise. It is a unique feature, and there aren’t many high-end themes that have this functionality.

With a single click, you can customize the entire list page while enabling and disabling multiple feature sets. For example, on one listing page, you can enable the top banner slide with vertical navigation; on the second, you can disable the top slide and display the products in a beautiful layout. In the third layout, you can enable two top banners and a grid product layout while disabling vertical navigation. You’ve got the essence!

For your convenience, Be Store even allows you to customize individual product pages. Currently, it supports three beautifully designed layouts that showcase related products, a tab-based product description, and Ajax search functionality.

The developers have also taken care of Search Engine Optimization, as they have made this Shopify theme compatible with rich snippets. So, just by activating this theme, you should notice a 15-30% increase in CTR (considering that every product page has reviews).

Positive user experience is easy to achieve here since consumers can quickly find the things they need. I find the overall design to be minimalist and yet a bit tactful; however, one or two accent colors can add a bit of spice.

#6. Wokiee – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Image result for Wokiee theme"

Do you want to sell clothing or perhaps accessories? This is one design option to take a strong look at. It’s not just useful for eCommerce activity in the fashion sector, but also for things like jewelry, health, beauty, wellness, and even furniture. Integrate it easily with your social media presence to tap into your following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Start simply with a handful of different homepage layouts before tinkering with the sliders. Integrate Google Web Fonts for more detail and custom aesthetic before losing yourself in the limitless color options.

Overall, the developers of p-themes (creator of this Shopify theme) made sure it has so many unusual features that no comparison can be made with any other Shopify theme on the market.

1. General Appearance

Just by looking at this theme, you will get the impression of realizing that developers have mainly focused on building a tool rather than a theme. A tool that is a perfect solution for existing and new companies. Wokiee offers established entrepreneurs and newbies alike an unlimited possibility to design Shopify shops, all without the need of any programming knowledge.

2. Amazing modules

It is full of so many dynamic modules that it sometimes becomes difficult to decide which elements you want to include on your site and which elements you don’t want to include. The confusion is due to the fact that each module looks so amazing and is optimized to improve performance and usability. They are designed and created to delight your visitors and make them interact with your site, helping your business grow faster than it would have done using any other theme.

To give you an idea of what this Shopify template offers you, let me begin by telling you that it features over 99 content blocks that are 100% dynamic and can be included or excluded from any product page, archive, listing page, etc. with a simple click of your button.

3. Advanced product filter

What’s more, it’s integrated with an advanced product filter that saves you the hassle and money you’d have to spend on a monthly subscription to the mitafield application. In addition, it also has over 60 beautifully designed, conversion-optimized, mobile-friendly homepage designs that you can apply to your store, again at the click of a button.

4. Customize to your hearts’ content

Do you feel cheated or simply dissatisfied when you try to customize the look of your websites within your current theme, Well, upon learning what Wokiee brings to the table, you’ll regret your decision on investing in a theme other than the versatile Wokiee Shopify theme.

Wokiee offers you complete control over the design and every element of your online store. You can change colors, background, fonts, font style, cursor, animation effects, different modules, and others directly from the administration panel of your theme.

Now, for people who are bored looking at the default product layout, Wookee brings you the good news by offering you eight custom layouts, each exhibiting a completely unique design, a fluid layout, and not to say the user interface that is just nice. It also allows you to choose from about 8 product listing pages that you can customize again with custom modules and other customization options available.

5. Unique pre-order functionality

Here’s one of a handful of features for which you’ll have to pay a premium of nearly $25 per month for a premium application on the Shopify App Store. But, thanks to Wokiee, you’ll have access to this feature for free. What does it do? Well, it integrates a very simple but very user-friendly feature on your online store. Once activated, it will allow every visitor who has registered on your shop to pre-order any product from your online store for which you have activated the pre-order. This means that if an item is out of stock, but you know that you will soon be able to deliver them to your customers, you can activate the pre-order for those items. This way, you will continue to generate revenue irrespective of whether the product is in stock or not. In case you don’t know, by default, Shopify does not allow pre-order and can only be activated if you understand liquid language (the language needed to customize Shopify themes).

6. Other unique features

So, in addition to the already impressive feature set, Wokiee’s versatile Shopify theme comes with built-in support for rich Google snippets, Ajax-based search functionality, related product widgets, material swatches, customizable banner buttons, a well-developed advanced Megamenu, a sticky shopping cart button, and dozens of more.

Should you buy this theme?

It’s quite a decent theme, if you don’t like the ones above, you should definately give this one a try.

I mean, this theme not only saves you nearly $1000 US a year on features you could activate on your website only by subscribing to nearly 10 Premium Shopify applications. Wokiee, which costs only US$69, gives you all these features, as well as one of the most comprehensive layout options, with added flexibility for customization.

If you don’t believe me, well, I guess you’d believe 70,000 other business owners who use this theme in their online store. It’s pretty hard to find a product online that has an average rating of 4.95/5 based on nearly 175 reviews. In addition, this theme is continually updated to meet customer needs, shifting marketing scenarios, and enhancements to the Shopify platform.

#7. ArtFurniture

Image result for ArtFurniture theme"

I think you’ll find this particular template useful if you run a store selling furniture. Choose from numerous color options to reflect your branding. The image-oriented design as not one but four different versions featuring a variety of footers, sliders, and headers.

Use ArtFurniture to manipulate the very structure of Shopify as you see fit. Anyone looking to envision the furniture in their new room layout is more likely to buy from someone who knows how to at least layout their online furniture store.

#8. Enroll

Image result for Enroll theme"

Enroll offers you four distinct benefits that I think you should know about. First, the theme is sleek yet simple. Second, it was created specifically for stores with bigger inventories than normal. Third, nothing gets lost since many different items can be visible on a screen while still highlighting your bestsellers. Fourth, this theme is a multi-lingual option that saves you money on extra language apps or translations if you want to reach out to nonEnglish-speaking consumers or markets. I tend to think of the multi-lingual capacities as being a unique benefit here, as the three other benefits are shared by many templates and layouts. Even if you only sell in North America, you need to be able to reach Spanish certainly- and French-speaking consumers and big cities have pockets of people speaking Chinese and many other languages.

Apart from these core functionalities, this Shopify theme is “section ready,” which is Shopify’s answer to WordPress’s Gutenberg. The availability of section can be a detrimental factor for many business owners, especially if the person concerned has little to no programming knowledge. For such individuals, sections provide much-needed opportunity to customize the overall look and feel of his or her online business store by simply dragging and dropping various content modules to appropriate sections. Currently, the Enroll Shopify theme supports more than 15 content modules, including collection list, parallax, recent products, testimonial, full-width banner, slideshow, etc.

Enroll is also equipped with many business-oriented features that can really help to further improve your brand’s online presence and user interaction on your website. These features include a 100% automated Ajax-based success message, which gets displayed along with related products once the customer completes the checkout process. This basic yet effective functionality in most scenarios can dramatically improve CTR and even conversion rate without needing any extra effort from your end.

It also features a full-fledged Mega navigation menu which gets populated dynamically based on the product categories and subcategories you have created in your Shopify dashboard. Do remember, you have complete control over how these navigations will be displayed. Meaning, you can enable the related products section within the navigation along with comparing option, which again you can either enable or disable with a single click of a button.

#9. GameWorld

Image result for gameworld theme"

I can’t recommend this one enough if you are selling in the gaming niche. This template gives you blog functionality, which is great for building an audience and pursuing SEO results.

GameWorld also uses Bootstrap coding for very fast speed and functionality, again offering SEO benefits and improved user experience. The gaming industry is here to stay, with serious money to be made anywhere from apps to blockbuster titles and consoles. Don’t miss out.

#10. Jasper

Image result for Jasper theme"

This layout is the way I think you should go if you’re looking for something you can easily adapt and customize. Every single element of your store is something you can edit and alter if you dig deep enough. Or, you can just use the more than dozen homepage layouts to get started quickly and easily.

Add as many as ten different page sections for easy user experience, including things like tabs, carousels, social links, grids, and newsletters. Whether you want to whip up a quick and simple site or have total creative control over every little feature and snippet, Jasper can deliver what you want.

#11. MegaShop

Image result for MegaShop theme"

This layout option was intended for gadgets and electronics primarily, but many use it for general stores, too, given how many ranges of products can be placed for sale. I love it for the sheer speed in which you can set-up a store or template from start to finish. From a time-management perspective, it’s hard to find something more efficient than this one. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time putting your store together or managing your deep inventory, then consider MegaShop as your way of not letting your store eat up your whole day.

Offering unlimited possibilities to customize the style of your website according to your requirements and those of your brand, Mega shop is equipped with various advanced features that will make your online effort a successful entrepreneur.

Coupled with advanced filtered navigation, multitouch slideshow, smart Ajax search, Mega vertical menu, etc., it brings you essential features to create and maintain a successful online Shopify.

So, if you’re wondering if you should invest in this theme, ask yourself if you prefer a theme that looks great just because it loads tons of fonts, stylesheets, JavaScript, images making your online shop just slower or if you prefer a theme that looks minimalist, functional but is equipped with all the essential features you’ll need to run a successful online shop. If your answer is the latter, then this Shopify theme is perfect for you.

#12. The Look

Image result for The Look theme"

This template is intended for fashion stores, and I personally like how clean and responsive it is. You’ll likely love the selection of nine different templates available. Other add-ons that make this versatile template quite useful include a customizable product collection, detailed page layouts, smart cross-selling through product popups, a Wishlist module, and tools for search engine optimization. Mix and match different variations to discover your own exciting store design.

Apart from these features, what makes this Shopify theme stand out from the others is its full support of Shopify sections, which is essentially a drag and drop feature giving Shopify users the much-appreciated freedom to create their online store by simply dragging various components onto a blank canvas.

The Arena installation package is an additional feature that makes “The Look” superior to other counterparts. This feature is very useful for first time Shopify users who don’t have a good understanding of how the platform works and how it interacts with templates and extensions. With the help of this feature, users can set up their content, which will include blogs and articles, collections, products, product meta-fields, custom pages, etc. giving the user the ability to customize their online store by visually understanding what they are changing.

The Look is also part of a handful of high-end Shopify themes that are equipped with a fake product notification feature. As we saw earlier, by enabling this feature, the shop owner can continuously display a notification of fake product sales to visitors to his website. This is a unique way to inform your website visitors that the shop concerned is very active since dozens of people are already buying products at a reduced price. Once this feature is activated, the shop owner or website administrator has options to choose the product(s) to be displayed in the notification and to customize the time interval after which the next pop-up notification will soon be sent to the same visitor.

With the increase in mobile phone usage and business conducted through mobile devices, it is essential to make your online store perfect on every device. The developers of The Look Shopify theme understand the importance of compatibility with small devices, and therefore not only offer multiple custom layouts specific to mobile devices goes a step further by letting the shop owner customize the pre-built layout according to his needs.

This is one of the many unique features that set The Look Shopify theme apart from all other templates on the market while only making it more business-oriented and easier to use.

Given its price of only $59 USD, I would say that it would be a good deal if you were considering buying this theme, given all the advanced features you can access through this Shopify theme.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Top 12 Best Converting Shopify Themes and I wish you the best of luck.


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