A Comprehensive Booster Theme Review : Must Read Before You Buy!

Climbing as they are, the e-commerce business is still one of the hardest businesses to operate, and indeed one of the hardest things to invest in.

Unlike, say, content platforms such as Facebook, blogs, or Pinterest, which you can scale fairly easily if you can deliver quality content, product and profit enough for your customers, e-commerce is an exercise in diminishing returns. Customers come, they browse your products; some may make a purchase, most will leave without taking any actions.

Making things more difficult is the current “peak everything” era, which has allowed online merchants to build their businesses in ways that weren’t possible even a few years ago. But you can exploit it anyway: you just have to do a few simple things.

  1. Pick a niche.
  2. Choose a rock-solid platform to host your online business.
  3. Invest your time and money in premium quality, highly converting, mobile responsive template, or design.
  4. Focus on consistently delivering high-quality, customer-oriented products!

If you are in the e-commerce business, you already understand the importance of conversion rate and average order value. You can bring in all the traffic you want to your website, but if it is not converting, all your efforts are going to waste. Also, it is much easier to sell to your existing customers as compared to bringing in new customers. This is why you need to pay special attention to the conversion rate of your website.

The secret to revenue growth is, first, converting people who come to your site into paying customers. But the secret to converting people who come to your site into paying customers is also, in effect, a secret to revenue growth – which for many small businesses is detrimental for their existence!

Shopify is an amazing platform for e-commerce, and there are thousands of business owners who run their own dropshipping business using the Shopify platform. However, the default themes that come with Shopify are not optimized for conversion or speed. This is why you need to look into other options to boost the conversion rate of your website, and this is where the Booster theme shines.

Booster Theme – The People Behind

Booster Theme is the brainchild of Mark L. and Justin B. from Canada. They designed Booster Theme right from scratch to help e-commerce store owners as you get ahead in the business. Their objective was to eliminate the complexities and delegate knowledge required to choosing a professional e-commerce template, making it simple and immediate decisions for businesses to ensure they are revenue growth.

They designed this theme without any employees first, and over the years, their team has grown to more than 19 employees spread all over the world. The team constantly adds new features and provides customer service to their customers. This theme is so popular with Shopify store owners that more than 19,700 Shopify store owners use it every day.

Booster Theme Review – Features

You would agree that big e-commerce retailers such as Amazon know what they are doing. Therefore, it is natural for theme developers to copy the features on Amazon. Also, Amazon has such a huge presence online that people have become accustomed to the set of features available on Amazon, and they expect the same from every online store they visit.

Booster theme accomplishes that and much more. Here is a list of some of the main features of this theme that will help you in making more money from your e-commerce store.


The key to achieving your goal of generating targeted organic traffic is mobile optimization. Today mobile devices account or more than 50% of global online searches, and most of these searches are conducted by interested individuals looking for local businesses. Thus as an online concerning the business, you will want your website to be optimized for mobile devices. And I’m not just talking about mobile responsive design. What I’m trying to convey is that you need to ensure that the level of professionalism, unique brand identity as well as the user experience that you strive to deliver to your desktop users is also delivered to your mobile visitors. Only then can you expect them to take actions detrimental to your revenue growth and business success.

Today, you cannot hope to sell anything if you do not offer an optimized experience on mobile. The share of mobile is already more than 50%, and it is only going to rise further. Booster theme makes your Shopify store mobile optimized.

Due to limited screen space on mobile, all the conversion triggers need to be above the fold in order to boost impulse buys, and this is exactly what you get. Add to cart buttons, product images, countdown timers, prices as well as delivery notifications, among other things, are above the fold, which helps in boosting the conversion rate.

Delivery Time

This is one of the coolest additions to the booster Shopify theme in recent years. Initially, when it was released, it lacked this feature, but as other competitors started bragging about their unique delivery timer integrated functionality, the booster Shopify theme integrated the same in the very next update and made it available to all its existing users for free of cost.

When you are operating an e-commerce dropshipping store, you need to be really careful about the shipping times. You do not want to end up in a situation where customers end up canceling their orders because of confusion with the shipping times. This theme allows you to add estimated delivery time to all the products.

This information helps in ensuring that customers know when they can expect to receive their orders, which should prevent them from canceling their orders. With the rise of one day or two-day shipping, customers expect to receive their products quickly, but if you are unable to do that, offering them an estimated delivery time will save you from answering thousands of emails from unsatisfied customers worried about their orders. This feature will go a long way in helping you enhance your retention rate.

Design a Unique Store

One of the biggest problems drop-shipping e-commerce store owners face is that their website looks like any other store out there. Just browse through Amazon and then navigate to Newegg, or Flipkart or Snapdeal, and you will notice the same header layout, similar Hero section, and amazingly similar carousal and many other design elements.

Customers do not really take to cookie-cutter web design, but if you are using one of those popular free themes, your Shopify store is going to look exactly like that.

With Booster theme, you get to design your own store that looks and feels unique with all the features you would want. You can tinker with the theme settings through the easy-to-use admin dashboard and design a store that stands out.


Sale notifications is a feature that really helps in boosting the conversion rate. It tells your customers that someone has recently bought this particular product, which helps in increasing their trust and also creates that feeling of missing out on something great. Social proof helps a lot with impulse buys. You also get to show factious sales in case you have just started your store, and there are no sales.

Sell More with Product Upsell and Cross-Selling

One of the reasons Amazon, as well as other successful online retailers, do so well is that they have figured out ways to boost the average order value. They have achieved that by removing any friction, customers might face when buying. You, too, can do that by enabling the product to upsell pop-ups as well as collection cross-selling.

These two features allow you to display recommendations to a customer when they have already added a product to the cart. It will not only help in improving customer experience but will also instantly increase the average order value, which means you will be able to increase your profits without any extra effort on your part.

Fast Website

The speed of your website has a huge impact on the conversion rate. If the product page or any other page takes a lot more time than expected to load, your customers are likely to shop elsewhere. The booster theme allows you to have a website that is super fast.

It does that by reducing the number of server requests by up to 56%. The lower number of server requests means your website loads fast, and that will have a huge impact on customer retention and conversion rate.

Countdown Timers

Want to increase impulse purchases on your online store; add a countdown timer to your website. It creates urgency, and customers are more likely to follow through with their purchase when they see a countdown timer. The great thing about this particular feature is that it looks clean.

Multiple Languages

Currently, the Booster theme offers support for ten different languages, including English, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Chinese. Simply put, you can sell to multiple nationalities with a single theme.

Optimized Cart

In the e-commerce industry, an important parameter is the cart abandonment rate. It happens when customers add products to their cart but leave it there and do not complete the purchase. With an optimized cart page, you will have a better chance of converting visitors into buyers. You also have the ability to add direct- a to-checkout feature, which means customers won’t need to visit the cart page. It can help in increasing impulse purchases as customers do not have to go through many hoops in order to complete their purchase.

Automatic Currency Conversion

If you are selling products in multiple countries or in multiple currencies, having an instant automatic currency converter feature on your website will go a long way in boosting the conversion rate. This inherent feature, which automatically detects the country based on the geographical IP of the visitor, helps in instant conversion of prices in particular currencies, which should help in boosting the conversion rate.

Free plus shipping & Discount on Exit

If you have items that are priced at zero and customers only need to pay to ship, you can now put those products in front with the help of inbuilt options in this theme. Another way to boost the conversion rate is to offer a discount to your customers when they exit your website. It also allows you to collect their emails for making further sales.

One-Time Fee

In short, you get a lot of features in a single theme when you choose to invest in the Booster theme. All these features are not new and have been used by e-commerce store owners for many years, but there are very few themes that allow you to have all these features bundled in one them.

When you use a free Shopify theme, you can have all these features in the form of apps available from the Shopify store, but you have to pay a yearly fee to enable those features. When you invest in the Booster theme, you get to enjoy all these features for a one-time fee.

The current pricing allows you to get a license for one site for $179, 2 licenses for $297, and 5 licenses for $497. You also get updates and support for one year with this purchase price. You can continue to use the latest version of the theme you have downloaded forever if you choose not to update your theme. The renewal costs $97 per year, which allows you to get continuous access to the latest updates and customer support.


To conclude, there is no dearth of Shopify themes and Shopify apps, but it is rare to get all the features you want in one single them. The booster theme allows you to get all the features needed for boosting the conversion rate and average order value with a one-time fee. You also get to have a store that looks unique and has all the features consumers expect in an online store.

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I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Booster Theme Review and I wish you the best of luck.

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