eComSolid Review: Don’t Buy Without Reading!

eComSolid is one of 2020’s new themes for Shopify looking to change how eCommerce works. It costs $19 monthly to upgrade to the premium version, but you can use the community plan for free.

The theme comes from Gem Pages, and it’s take quite a presence in social media through ads. Safe to say, it caught my eye, so now that I’ve used it, I have the knowledge you might be looking to help you decide whether or not you should get it.

The page builder by Gem Pages is already well-known, but is eComSolid any good? Well, it does look good, so let’s find out.

About the theme

eComSolid sells as a conversion-focused Shopify theme offering lots of freedom when it comes to design. It also comes with integrated apps, so you can save some money on paid ads from the Shopify store.

At first glance, it looks amazing. I could definitely see this being among the best-looking dropshipping or PoD themes for people looking to build their brands. It does look to be a better fit for larger businesses than those focused on a few or even single products.

The theme also comes with several templates, and they seem to add more to the catalog quite frequently.

eComSolid Pricing

As mentioned, you can use this theme for free with the community version. It lets you download it for your store with all of its customization features, and it’s difficult to find this kind of offers.

Gem Pages monetizes this theme through add-ons under the Sales Booster section. They’re actually the main attraction advertised for this theme, so the premium version will likely become necessary even if you start for free.

Besides, you need to upgrade to the premium subscription if you want to access the theme’s support. While $19 monthly doesn’t sound as expensive, it can get quite pricey when compared with single-payment themes.

It’s still quite affordable, though. If you’re using individual subscription apps for the features included in the premium version, you can even save money by getting eComSolid premium.

Reviewing eComSolid Theme

The theme looks very good on both desktop and mobile, and there’s definitely good SEO behind it. You can install it just by downloading it and linking your store’s URL; you then accept some permissions and you’re ready.

But, are the features themselves as good as they look?


The theme actually looks amazing in its free version; you get all the freedom you need to adapt it to your needs even outside the premium version.

You get different options to personalize your page layout besides a large number of templates you can use to save time and effort.

Visual editor

The visual editor is one of the reasons why eComSolid is one of the most customizable Shopify themes I’ve seen. You can edit your pages in minutes, including renaming your collections, titles, descriptions, URLs, and every element in your page.

If you think that using Shopify’s setting was easy, then this editor will feel like second nature. You can use it to its full potential after just a few minutes, and changing elements usually takes seconds.


If you don’t want to use the free apps from eComSolid, you’ll be glad to know it integrates easily with nearly all apps you can get for your Shopify store.

It integrates seamlessly with currency converters, EU cookies bar, countdown timers, pop-ups, sales notifications, and lots more. Adding these apps directly from Shopify would elevate your budget noticeably; this is why the premium plan can also help you save money.

Sales Booster

Again, this is the main attraction from eComSolid, and you can look at it as an exclusive marketplace for premium members. You can access great integrations like sales timers and special offers.

The sales timer might look a bit too bulky for some people, but you can change its size to fit your needs. You can also add push notifications for sales at the bottom of your page, and there’s even an add-on for related products.

You can find some excellent gems in here, and it definitely makes up for the $19 subscription if you integrate even just a few of the apps offered here.

Page builder

Gem Pages included their own page builder to the eComSolid theme, and it’s certainly a pleasing sight. This builder lets you create professional-looking pages for your website in a few minutes.

If you were considering subscribing to ClickFunnels, then you might even save that money by using this editor. It lets you do nearly everything you need straight from Shopify for a lot less.


Finally, eComSolid offers great loading times. It loads everything in just a few seconds every time I’ve tested it, but the amount of apps installed might affect these times, so make sure to test yourself.

Page speed is a huge factor when increasing sales; no one likes to wait these days. However, SEO is an even more important factor; slow websites can forget about showing up on the first results page.

Just keep in mind that Shopify hosting might mess with your loading times. Shopify is known for its quick hosting speed, but it might also be the reason why the theme doesn’t load as quickly as it should.

Where to buy eComSolid From? eComSolid Discount Coupons

There are no discounts for eComSolid. Make sure you only buy from the official website here since there are a lot of fake websites claiming to offer discounts.


I can easily rank eCom Solid among the best themes available for Shopify. Even better, it might be the first free theme that could match some of the best premium themes available as long as you know how to use it.

Sure, a monthly subscription is more expensive than one-off payments in the long run, but the Sales Booster selection can make up for it. Using separate apps from the Shopify store can easily surpass the $19 per month mark.

If you find yourself using even a few Sales Booster integrations, you’ll get more value than what you’re paying. Besides, the visual editor is simply amazing, and the Gem Pages editor makes this a very versatile theme that’s easily worth more than what it charges.

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I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eComSolid Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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