Funnelytics Pricing Plans And Cost: Is It Worth It?

Today’s article will focus around Funnelytics cost and benefits. The idea here is to compare how much you’ll pay and what features you’ll get for that money.

Funnelytics is among the best tools available for mapping and analyzing funnels. If you want to plan and create profitable sales funnels that yield results, then you need to understand how they perform by visualizing and mapping them.

By doing so, you can analyze their real efficiency by tracking their conversions and how they fit into your marketing strategy. It all plays a critical role in creating funnel concepts and overall better sales funnels.

That’s what Funnelytics lets you do. If you’re interested in what it is and does as well as how much it costs, then you’re in the right place.

How much does Funnelytics cost?

Funnelytics offers 3 different pricing plans depending on your budget and needs. Every plan build on the previous tier, with more features and capabilities.

What’s more interesting, is that the basic plan is actually free. It’s not a limited trial, either, you can use this platform’s primary features without any costs for as long as you want.


The Starter plan is free for as long as you use it, and it lets you map out funnels with Funnelytics’ features without asking for anything in return.

With the Starter plan, you have access to a single workplace and 3 canvases. You still have over 75 marketing icons at your leisure and 6 templates to help you in case you don’t have much experience or simply want to work faster.

You can export anything to PNG as well as share your funnels with other accounts.


The Marketer plan is the first paid subscription, and besides mapping out funnels, you can collaborate directly with your clients or team as well as analyze your funnels’ chances for success.

It costs $49 monthly, but you can get a great discount if you pay the entire year upfront since it’ll cost you $470—essentially giving you a couple of months for free.

Naturally, this plan includes all of the features from the Starter plan, but it upgrades them. What’s new here is the forecast features to analyze the future of your funnels, but tracking your existing campaigns isn’t available here.

This time, you get an extra workspace, and your canvases are unlimited. You can work with as many clients and team members as you want. Besides the free templates, you also have about 50 premium templates, and you can upload your own marketing icons.

You’re free to buy more workspaces if you need. Every new workspace will cost you $9 monthly.

Regarding the forecasting features, you can forecast how many conversions your funnel could generate as well as your overall revenue and profits.

This plan also comes with a satisfaction guarantee lasting 14 days. You can ask for a refund during this time, and you’re free to cancel your subscription anytime you want.


This one is the top-tier plan, and you get full access to all features from Funnelytics. You can map out every funnel as well as collaborating with clients and teams, like the Marketer plan, but all features are improved here.

The Pro plan will set you back $790 every year, and you can’t pay it in monthly installments. Besides, your visitor tracking capacity is 120,000 every years, but you can’t change it.

You see, the Pro plan depends on how many people you want to track within your funnels. The 120,000 for $790 plan is only an option, but it also means it could cost you more if your business handles more traffic.

You have the same 14-day guarantee as the Marketer plan.

Pro (lifetime)

This is a great deal that can save you a lot of money if you’re interested in the platform. This deal is part of the bonus benefits you get for buying Russell’s Brunson Traffic Secrets: a neat marketing book you might want to get anyways.

This special deal makes the Pro plan for Funnelytics cost you only $397—yes less than the yearly price for the Marketer plan.

This special deal gives you access to all of the tracking features, this time for 100,000 visitors. If you pay $100 extra, you can raise this amount to 500,000 as well.

As for the features, you have access to many templates for both your sales funnels and Funnelytics. The templates from DotCom Secrets are also here, and you even get 10 pre-built templates for ClickFunnels and over 70 funnels from the Funnel University.

What is it?

Funnelytics is known as the best tool for tracking and analyzing your funnels available right now. It was released back in 2018 by Mikael Dia, based out in Toronto, Canada.

It’s a tool tailored specifically for online marketers, especially considering it comes from marketers as well. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s only for expert marketers since the interface is very intuitive, and it comes with a drag-and-drop editor as well as easy-to-read analytics for you to study, monitor, and plan your own sales funnels.

Doing so will let you understand a lot better how your audience and visitors behave inside your funnel, including whether or not they exit prematurely. Once you’ve obtained this data, you have all the knowledge necessary to optimize your funnels, making the adjustments necessary to correct anything you don’t like about the originals.

Just remember that it’s not a funnel builder in its own. It’s more of an integration to other platforms like Kartra and ClickFunnels to boost their efficiency.

Advantages of Funnelytics

Funnelytics comes with more than enough features to let you study your funnels as deeply as you need to understand and improve them.

These features include collaboration with your team members. You can also provide your funnel ideas to your clients thanks to its clean and straightforward visual presentation; it’s great if you’re working for people who know nothing about sales funnels.

Let’s take a look into the core features in Funnelytics.

Intuitive builder

The reason why it’s so easy to use is the drag-and-drop builder. Remember, this isn’t a funnel builder, but you can use it to edit how you want to visualize your sales funnels.

Remember the marketing icons we mentioned? Well, these are excellent for identifying the different elements of your sales funnels. You simply drag them to the level or traffic source you want them to represent.

You can find all of them quickly by using a simple search bar. These icons can be used to identify different sources of traffic into your funnels, like Facebook, emails, blog posts, and several more.

Free plan

Sure, it’s great when marketing tools let you try them out for a couple of weeks or even a month—many of them even let you make money during this trial. However, it’s hard to beat an entire plan for free, especially when it comes from a platform like Funnelytics.

You can use this plan to visualize and plan your funnels. The drag-and-drop editor is available here as well, and you get enough icons to recreate your funnels visually as well as download them once done.

Of course, it’s a limited plan. You can’t really track or analyze your sales funnels with it, but it’s more than enough for planning new ideas.

Share funnels

When you create a sales funnels, the most common ways to share them with your team or clients is by either explaining them or taking them through the funnel. With Funnelytics, this isn’t the case.

Funnelytics lets you share your concepts seamlessly. You just need to locate the funnel you wish to share and click on the corresponding icon right at the top. Doing so generates a link with your funnel preview for sharing, and they can even save it to their own accounts.

If they save it, it becomes a separate file. This means they can edit your concept without changing your own.

If that’s too complex—or your clients don’t have Funnelytics—you can also save all funnels into a PNG file.

The vault

The Funnelytics vault is an add-on that you can buy for $47. This vault contains funnel templates from some of the most famous marketers right now, and they’re all yours for a lifetime.

You can find tested and optimized funnels from the likes of Russell Brunson, Sam Ovens, Dan Henry, and many others. These sales funnels are excellent for any type of business, in any niche, and of every size.

You just need to look through the selection, find one you like, customize it, and you’re ready to implement them. You even have videos explaining every funnel and how it works. More templates are added constantly.

User tracking

This is the Pro plan-exclusive feature, but it’s well worth the money. You can analyze your funnel metrics for traffic driven and conversion rates.

You can study how your potential customers interact with your sales funnels as well as how they go from your traffic sources to each stage within your funnel. This is perfect for learning which parts need improvement to keep your visitors from leaving as well as which tweaks you can do to boost your conversions.

You can find the analyze mode at the top of your funnel. You’re free to toggle between mapping and analyzing as much as you want.

External traffic tracking

You can use UTM tagging to keep track of your traffic coming from external sources by combining these tags with the original website’s URL. In case you don’t know, UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor, a code that attaches to URLs and tracks traffic.

It captures every customer who clicks a link to your website, and Funnelytics receives these tags and processes them for you to track them. You even get a spreadsheet to make campaign tracking a lot easier.

You can use your spreadsheet to guide you. You can even copy the spreadsheets and add them to your Google account in case you want to keep a record.

Google Tag Manager integration

Google Tag Manager lets works as a central hub for you to integrate different analytics scripts. Funnelytics integrates easily with this platform, and you only need to install your Funnelytics script into your tool.

Of course, you need to install the software. Once that’s done, you head over to Funnelytics and find your script on the settings section. Go back to your Google Tag Manager and add the script as a new tag. Once that’s done, you’re good to go.

Google Tag Manager integrates with WordPress websites as well, and you can track statistics like button and pop-up clicks and percentages for your video views and page scrolls.

Revenue tracking

This is another excellent feature, but it’s also only available on the Funnelytics Pro subscription. However, it makes up for it by letting you track how much money every funnel generates.

You can assess both the entire funnel as well as specific stages within it.

You just need to go to the page for your funnel and set your goals. After that, you place your price tags on every product. These activate every time someone visits a page; once they do, they’re assigned a value tag representing the real product price.


Finally, Funnelytics offers chat support, but the problem is that it’s not available all the time.

That means that you might need to wait for an answer, which might be either quick or slow depending on your location. If you live far away from their HQ, then you might get a bit frustrated.

Luckily, their official website is filled with resources to help you out with anything. You can find articles and videos focused on the technical side of things. Most of the time, your issues can be solved by visiting this section.


If you want to implement an effective funnel marketing strategy for your business, then Funnelytics is definitely worth your time.

It’s perfect for planning and analyzing your funnels. If you have low conversions, then this might be what you need to fix that.

Even better, you can use it to visualize and plan your funnels without spending a single penny, so there’s really no reason not to try it.

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Once again, thanks for reading my Funnelytics Pricing and I wish you the best of luck.


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