GrooveFunnels Review: Is It The Best Free Funnel Solution?

Today, you’re going to learn everything you need about GrooveFunnels, its features, tools, and overall offer. We’ll also clarify some of the confusion there might be about all the Groove names available around the internet and a few misconceptions related to GroveKart and GrooveApps.

The first time I researched—or tried to research—GrooveDigital’s products, I was fairly overwhelmed; to be honest, I had to give up and come back to it a while later, taking things slowly. We have GroovePages, prices, a special offer, and once you think you’ve got everything under control, you’re hit with the apps.

However, Mike Filsaime leaving Kartra and developing a direct competitor was more than enough. I just had to find out all about it, and I was surprised once I realized it wasn’t as confusing as I first thought.

Before we even start: what exactly is GrooveFunnels?

This seems to be the main problem for most people interested in learning about GrooveFunnels. They’re thrown into a rabbit hole of different platforms with similar names, and I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s still in its beta, so people don’t really know how to review it.

That’s why we need to clear things up.

GrooveFunnels is a software suite with different applications focused around building websites and sales funnels. It’s being developed by GrooveDigital. It offers a tool kit with solutions, including GroovePages, GrooveSell, and GrooveMail.

What do you get with GrooveFunnels?

Basically, every tool you find under the Groove brand is part of the GrooveFunnels platform. These tools are called GrooveApps, and include the major names like GroovePages and GrooveSell as well as smaller apps like GrooveWebinars and GrooveMember.

If you’re confused about the different GrooveApps, you can safely assume they’re part of GrooveFunnels.

What’s with the Groove-everything?

By now, things should be clearer. GrooveFunnels is basically the parent brand that groups different apps into a comprehensive platform oriented towards digital marketing.

There’s a GrooveApp for most marketing approaches: CRM, video ads, membership sites, websites, sales funnels, affiliate marketing, webinar, etc. All of these GrooveApps combine into the GrooveFunnels platform to offer one of the most complete solutions in the market.

People tend to see different names like GrooveSell, GroovePages, GrooveMember, and GrooveWebinars and feel overwhelmed. However, it gets a lot easier to visualize once you understand all of these names are part of the GrooveFunnels suite.

What about pricing? Is GrooveFunnels really free?

Since creating a platform isn’t free, Filsaime and its fellow team members released the software under the GrooveApps name.

It was a kickstarter campaign, but it wasn’t launched on the eponymous platform. Interestingly, the crowdfunding campaign took place under an older GrooveSell version.

Now, GrooveFunnels isn’t entirely free. However, the developers released GrooveSell and a lighter iteration of GroovePages for free. These are, respectively, a sales solution with affiliate marketing support and the aforementioned landing page building tool.

You don’t need to provide any payment information to sign-up for GrooveSell. You don’t even have to pay fees for transactions conducted through the platform. It’s a huge deal, especially considering it’s fully functional, and many people have already made sales using it.


The entire GrooveFunnels suite has two different plans: Silver for $99 monthly and Gold for $199 monthly. That’s after the current global turmoil goes by.

What does that mean? You see, joining the beta program lets you use GrooveFunnels for free, and you get a better deal once it’s finished. You can pay it in monthly installments: $497 for 3 installments, $288 for 6, and $188 for 12.

Once completing your payments, you have lifetime access to GrooveFunnels. That means no recurring subscription like the standard.

Clearing up a bit of confusion

When it comes to pricing, there’s a few misconceptions. These could be caused by a general lack of knowledge, expectations created by similar platforms, or simply failing to find out whenever an option expires.

Before GroveSell was made available for free, you had the chance to buy GroovePages. It costed $497, and you could pay two more installments for the same price if you wanted to upgrade it to the entire GrooveFunnels suite.

Some marketing tools also offer “one-time offers”, but this isn’t the case with GroovePages. You can clearly see the “not an upsell” statement when creating your free account.

The same goes for discounts for either GroovePages or GrooveFunnels. That’s because you already get a free, lite version of GroovePages as your GrooveSell bonus.

Finally, you won’t really need to pay for more platforms to include features you won’t get from GrooveFunnels. The only missing tool in GrooveFunnels is creating sales pipelines since PipeDrive is already a planned early integration for GrooveFunnels.

That’s why it’s highly recommended that you get GrooveFunnels while it’s still free, so you can get your lifetime access and skip having to pay the monthly membership. However, if you decide to wait, don’t worry; the $99 and $199 monthly plans are the official release price, so you won’t break the bank either.

A brief look into GroovePages

GroovePages is the page-building component for GrooveFunnels. It works for your landing pages and sales funnels all the way to entire websites. It’s a very powerful editor, and there’s not a lot missing here, even during the beta version.

I think the best comparisons would be ClickFunnels and Kartra. After all, they’re already two of the most famous funnel solutions available in the market right now.

The main difference would be that GroovePage uses VUE:JS, which is a JavaScript framework many people love because of its versatility. It’s one of the reasons why GroovePages is quite more flexible than other platforms.

The main difference between GroovePages and its closest competitors is how the code loads directly through your browser; this means it doesn’t have to request anything from a fixed database. It translates into noticeable faster loading time for all websites built using it.

On the other hand, Bootstrap is the current standard for landing page builders right now, but it’s quite dated. It was created by Twitter, so it’s definitely not a bad standard, but it’s been 9 years since it released.

But, isn’t Kartra from the same developer?

That’s mostly right; Mike Filsaime did co-found Kartra, and the same is true for EverWebinar and WebinarJam. The reason he left was cited as creative difference between him and his partner.

Mike sold his shares and proceeded to sign a non-compete contract for 2 years. Once that contract expired, Mike gathered his team and partners and raised nearly $2 million via crowdfunding for GrooveFunnels.

Let’s make a pause here and point out the most important detail: creative differences. Yes, it’s the same mind that worked on Kartra, but GrooveFunnels was born because of Mike’s different vision.

In other words, GrooveFunnels’ foundation was to be different to Kartra.

The main difference is one we already mentioned: its technology for building pages is simply outdated. It lacks features like mobile-first indexing—which we’ll cover in a bit. Kartra’s affiliate and sales platform is also weaker than GrooveSell’s, yet it’s still more expensive.

Mike has implemented the most modern frameworks available, and seeing how it’s already a decent competitor before full release, I can definitely see it becoming the superior option soon enough.

Finally, GrooveFunnels is developing an SDK (software development kit) that focuses on letting users create their own apps for the platform. It follows the same approach from software like Android, iOS, WordPress, and Shopify, to name a few.

In essence, both platforms seem relatively similar in terms of what they do and their target audience; that’s definitely true. However, GrooveFunnels is already a more modern approach, and the amount of possibilities opened by this sophistication may pave the way for one of the largest marketing platforms on the internet.

How popular is GrooveFunnels?

Mike stated that GrooveFunnels is going to break the 100,000 users mark by July, and that means it would outgrow some of the largest platforms in the market, such as ClickFunnels.

Given its release, it’s not only on its way to become the biggest marketing funnel builder right now, but it already has the fastest growth in the industry.

The official announcement also stated that forecasts point towards breaking the 1 million users mark during 2020, which would effectively make it 10 times as big as ClickFunnels. That translates into an average of $100,000 in sales every day.

If that still doesn’t sound impressive, then there’s the fact that they’ve gone from a $5 million net worth to $35 million. That wasn’t since its release, either; it was achieved nearly overnight.

That translates into about $100 million by the end of 2020.

The team behind the platform has also grown noticeably since the start, with around 80 different members—at least a dozen of which are estimated to be active developers. The amount of money reinvested into the platform’s development is proportionate to the company’s worth as well.

The next GrooveApps to be released—according to the announcement—are GrooveVideo, GrooveMail, and GrooveMember. Importing pages and funnel sharing are also joining these 3 releases, estimated to hit the market before the end of July.

Then, we have commissions. May alone marked $250,000 paid out, and it only looks like that amount will increase every month.

Keep in mind that this announcement was released back in June 12th. I’d lie if I said I’m not excited to see what’s coming up in the next one.

GrooveFunnels’ software development kit

A software development kit is a set of tools used to create special software and tools. You can think of it as a LEGO set you need to assemble; they come with their own kit, made up by the different pieces and instructions on how to build the main piece.

However, you’re free to do whatever you want with the pieces. If you don’t want to build a house or a spaceship, you can use the same pieces to build a castle, a ship, or even an apartment if you have enough.

You get the point: you can build anything you want. Even if the basic package isn’t enough for you, you just need to use your own skills and creativity to come up with a different solution.

That’s basically what an SDK is: it lets people come up with new software for specific purposes. It’s one of my favorite things about GrooveFunnels: it knows it’s virtually impossible to satisfy every single need when countless people have access to the platform—each one with their own goals.

Therefore, everyone with the right knowledge and expertise is able to develop their own tools over GrooveFunnels. If you need a feature that’s not available in any of the GrooveApps, you can simply create one or find someone who already did it.

What I love about it is that it makes the platform even more flexible, and it creates a whole new opportunity for entrepreneurs. Even if you don’t know what venture you want to start, you can still make a solid income creating new apps and selling them through the GrooveFunnels marketplace.

A note about mobile-first indexing

Remember how we already mentioned mobile-first indexing along with the SDK feature? Well, let’s answer that right now.

This indexing approach lets Google use the your page’s mobile version when indexing your website and ranking it. Google is planning on prioritizing this when ranking sites in among its search results, so you’ll have a really hard time ranking pages if you don’t consider this.

Luckily, GrooveFunnels applies this feature on all pages you build using GroovePages. Of course, this extends to you sales funnels and entire websites—with every section accounted for better SEO.

What can you do with GroovePages?

If you’ve used any other page-building software, then you probably have a solid idea of what you can do with GroovePages. That is during its current beta, however.

GroovePages is already a fully functional and intuitive page builder. Nevertheless, the scope at which it’s being developed is simply mind-blowing. It’s planned to implement advanced features like split-testing, integrated scarcity timers, royalty-free visuals, optimized and professional templates, and more.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the highlights among the possibilities available with GroovePages. Remember: this is only analyzing the main GroovePages offer; you then have to add all the other apps to it.

Don’t stress about it, though; we’ll go through them next.

Hosting your pages and site

First off, GroovePages offers full hosting for your pages, so there’s no need to get a separate service. You can host your pages for free with a GroovePages subdomain if you want to save money, but you also have access to unlimited custom domains.

Naturally, you can also download your web files if you want to create backups, and it also supports FTP.

Another great advantage of GroovePage’s hosting is that it’s extremely fast when loading your pages. It’s only HTML code, and when you add how the entire platform is hosted using Google’s cloud, then it’s pretty much as fast as it can get.

The free domain (and free access to GroovePages “lite”) means you can test out your pages as much as you need before investing in a custom domain. As the platform nears its launch date, it also keeps adding better features.


All pages are rendered into HTML after you launch them. You don’t have to worry about database calls, either; it’s precisely one of the issues Filsaime found when working with Kartra, and it also presents itself on similar platforms like ClickFunnels.

Having to send database requests when trying to load your site elements can be quite detrimental. In the best scenario, it adds maybe a second to your loading times, but when handled poorly, it can send your search engine ranking to the bottom because of how important loading speed is.

Funnel imports

Importing funnels is also one of the priority features for GroovePages. You can always start your own page from scratch, but that’s not the only option. You can also use single templates and even template sets to speed things up. You can even add premium blocks.

However, that’s not quite what you asked for, is it? Don’t worry, you can also import any page available on the internet.

You heard that right. You only need to enter the URL and GroovePages will translate the page into a template; it’ll even support the same drag-and-drop editor.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to prove you’re the owner of the original domain if you want to import the same content, including text and images. If you can’t prove it, then it’s not game over. GroovePages will simply replace the original content with placeholders, but you’ll still have access to the hyperlinks, format, and even buttons.

You’ll have to reconfigure some elements here and there, mainly timers, but you can still import virtually any page as a template.

Sharing and testing

These are two fairly simple features that can still make a huge difference: sharing funnels and A/B testing.

Well, you already know that you can share your apps, but the same goes for your funnels. It’s even easier: you just need to send a link to your funnel to other people or send it to their email address.

On the other hand, split-testing isn’t fully implemented just yet, but it’s set for release quite soon.

Does it blog?

Blogging is critical for many businesses nowadays and for good reason. Providing engaging and useful content is a great way to generate organic traffic when combined with solid SEO.

Thankfully, GroovePages will support blogging just like its competitors. It’s not available at the moment due to how important other features are, but it’s been suggested for release somewhere during the first quarter of 2021.

Implementing competitors’ features

Again, GrooveFunnels in general is still during beta testing. Therefore, the features you have at the moment aren’t everything the platform will offer in the future, and some features aren’t even in their final version.

GroovePages will implement many features in the future, and it includes virtually everything from its competitors with a better and more modern interface. If you want to implement memberships, there’s GrooveMember; and the same goes for GrooveMail, GrooveWebinars, and more.


GrooveFunnels will add more than 20 different email platforms, and there are at least 7 planned membership integrations. What’s more interesting, though, is its planned Zapier integration.

Only by supporting Zapier, you’ll have access to hundreds of platforms—many of which you might not even know or might not be planned for GroveFunnels at all.

Custom domains

As we already mentioned, you have access to unlimited custom domains when using GroovePages, and the same goes for its sister platform, GrooveSell. You can directly brand your own affiliate and tracking links as well as your checkout and sign-up pages.

Load pages quickly

As we briefly mentioned in the hosting explanation, GroovePages offers way above-average loading speed for your pages. It’s easily the fastest funnel builder in this regard, so there’s no reason to worry here.

The main reason is quite simple: it uses HTML when publishing your pages, which might sound standard, but it’s actually not the same approach as the popular builders like Kartra or ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels and similar platforms keep your websites in databases, and it has to render each page every time someone loads your site. Naturally, this takes time: entering the URL, sending the request, receiving it, and then actually loading it.

That’s where both uptime and loading speed become worrisome. It can be quite detrimental for your SEO and even ad costs.

Luckily, that doesn’t happen with GrooveFunnels since it’s stored like other pages on the internet. Furthermore, there’s the mobile-first indexing we already explained.

In fact, GroovePages is the first platform to implement this technology for in both the eCommerce and website-building industry. Since it’s hosted using Amazon servers, you’re basically getting the best hosting available.

What about SSL and SEO?

You get a free SSL thanks to the Cloudflare account, which is also included for free.

As for SEO, you already know about the loading times and mobile-first indexing, which already play a huge role. The code for your pages is also really lightweight in general, so you’re covered in the technical side of things.

When it comes to what you can do directly, it’s also quite versatile. All pages fully support both site and single-page SEO with both meta titles and tags; the same goes for Open Graph visuals.

You can also configure alt tags for your images, DOM container structures, and your formatting supports from H1 to H5 tags as well as paragraph. It’s not just stronger than most of its competitors, but it also rivals some SEO-specialized tools I’ve used in the past.

What apps do you get with GrooveFunnels?

As you already know, GrooveFunnels works as a suite of different GrooveApps that make up the entire experience. It’s also the reason behind that “Groove-everything” idea that’s around the internet, so let’s take a look at the specific tools under the Groove umbrella.

It’s important to note here that GrooveApps was previously the main domain for what it’s now GrooveFunnels. The current domain wasn’t available until somewhat recently, so if you saw old references to GrooveFunnels as GrooveApps, this is the reason.


GrooveSell is a combination between a sales platform and an affiliate marketing platform that you can use with all products you use with GrooveFunnels. It’s similar to platforms such as SamCart regarding the features it offers.

It lets you sell and let others promote your digital products, including digital services, courses, and more. Therefore, it’s a great solution for speakers, coaches, influencers, consultants, tutors, software developers, authors, and everything in-between.

Being the affiliate program for GrooveFunnels, it also comes with marketing features to help you reach your target audience. You can add upsells and access a detailed reports feature to help you manage and direct your business.

GrooveSell also supports a marketplace similar to ClickBank. You can list your products with affiliate programs for other people to sign-up and market your services as well or join other people’s programs and become an affiliate marketer yourself.


This is the Actionetics (from ClickFunnels) version of GrooveFunnels, and you could compare it to dedicated mail services like ActiveCampaign, but built into GrooveFunnels.

It means you don’t have to subscribe to a separate email provider if you want to use GrooveFunnels, but you don’t have to give up your current service provider if you already have one.

GrooveFunnels will support around 15 different platforms once fully released.


GrooveWebinars is the current name for the webinar platform used by GrooveFunnels, but don’t be surprised if the name changes in the future. This was one of the GrooveApps schedule for an earlier release in September of the current year.

However, it was pushed back after beta testers and project backers stated they wanted membership and video hosting sooner. GrooveVideo and GrooveMember were actually planned for 2021, but they’re now prioritized over GrooveWebinar.

Therefore, GrooveWebinar is now scheduled for release at the start of 2021, despite being over 50% complete.

Other than that, it’s your standard webinar software. You can create, upload, and host your own webinars to either promote other products or offer live events for your customers.


GrooveMember is quite similar to a standard CMS platform, and it’s tailored for digital courses. You can create different—both free and paid—membership tiers and enable each one to have its own set of restrictions and content access.

As stated, GrooveMember was scheduled for next year, but it’s now planned for release quite soon—likely in the following months.

You can grant different access levels to your entire content, and the membership site builder is the same drag-and-drop editor. You get to determine the content, benefits, and bonuses each member gets.

More advanced tools planned for this GrooveApp includes gamification features to make your courses more interactive and engaging. Certification is also a planned feature to offer even more value.

Similar to GrooveMail, you’re not restricted to GrooveMember only. GrooveFunnels will support many membership platforms available in case you’re already using one.


GrooveVideo is another tool scheduled for release in the following months. You can compare it to an integrated Vimeo-like platform, where you can host videos without having to embed external YouTube or Vimeo links.

The GrooveVideo player will also be customizable, with different skins, controls, and other features like autoplay. It’ll also support marketing add-ons built into the player, such as CTAs, automation tags, and more.

You’ll also get to split-test your videos and access analytics for their performance.

Other apps

Other minor apps are also part of the GrooveFunnels suite, and while they won’t make or break your business, they’re still worthy additions to your tool kit. There are 4 main platforms currently in development.

The first 2 are essentially marketplaces. GrooveAPS is similar to the ones offered by Shopify or WordPress, where API developers can create their own apps; they can offer these for others to buy and use. GrooveMarketplace is where GrooveFunnels users will buy and sell these apps, along with funnel and page templates.

The other 2 are support-oriented. There’s the GrooveAcademy, which is a training program for newcomers to learn how to use the platform. The other GrooveApp is GrooveDesk, which is a support desk, and you can contact the support team using this channel.

The GrooveDigital team is also open to suggestions for more apps. You can send them your own feature requests through the official GrooveApps feedback channel.

ReviewTrust (bonus)

This isn’t strictly a GrooveApp since it wasn’t developed by GrooveDigital, and it’s not directly part of GrooveFunnels. However, ReviewTrust was bought by the developers, and it’s planned as an addition to both GrooveSell and GrooveKart this year.

GrooveKart: Groove’s eCommerce solution

Speaking of GrooveKart, this one is a stand-alone platform for eCommerce entrepreneurs. It’s an independent platform from the same team, and it offers advanced features, which you won’t likely find even in the most modern platforms like Shopify.

GrooveKart is actually a direct competitor of that platform, and it offers several features that other platforms would only offer as separate, and paid, add-ons. You have page templates, scarcity timers, reviews, retargeting, complementary sales, and lots more.

You can use GrooveKart with physical products, just like its competitors. You can list different sizes, colors, and variations as well as categorize them into specific industries and niches.

You have access to an analytics dashboard with reports. It comes with everything you’d expect from an eCommerce platform: shipping, single-click imports, customer support features, and more.

The single-click import functionality basically lets you migrate your Shopify store in minutes.

Do I get GrooveFunnels if I’m a GrooveKart user?

The company actually launched as GrooveKart at first. People using the platform also got the opportunity to get lifetime access to GroovePages for a single $497 payment. This offer included the entire GrooveFunnels upsell for 2 more installments of the same price.

Therefore, even though it’s a stand-alone platform, you could still add the entire GrooveFunnels suite without having to pay the monthly subscription.

However, that offer has now expired. It’s not supported anymore, and getting GrooveKart now won’t give you the same deal to get GrooveFunnels.

FreePageBuilder: GroovePages lite?

FreePageBuilder is essentially a “free forever” trial for GroovePages. It’ll be completely free, and it’ll come with a limited set of features, blocks, and templates. It’s for newcomers to test GroovePages before making a purchase.

It doesn’t support custom domains, either, but you can still host your pages as a GrooveDigital subdomain.

FreePageBuilder was actually GrooveDigital’s priority before the GrooveFunnels project became their main goal. It quickly became a much larger goal, and FreePageBuilder is now an older solution, more similar to Kartra’s builder. It doesn’t have the same mobile-friendly framework, either.

FreePageBuilder is also often referred to as GroovePages 1.0. Therefore, GroovePages 2.0 is the current iteration of GrooveFunnels’ page builder: a more modern and powerful platform with completely rewritten code.

Still, it’s really interesting how they rebranded the older version into FreePageBuilder and made it available for free. Just keep in mind that FreePageBuilder is scheduled for release after GrooveFunnels since they don’t want people to mistake the two.

What else does GrooveDigital have in stock?

Just like GrooveKart, there are some services under the same brand even outside the GrooveFunnels package. These are all stand-alone platforms that—just like their larger sibling—offer an alternative to industry standards.


GroovePay lets you get a merchant account to prevent any complications with payment processors like PayPal. PayDigital is the official gateway, and there are more features planned for the future.


GrooveAds exactly what you expect: an platform for launching and managing ads.

After the official GrooveFunnels launch this year, one of the next steps is to partner with a third-party agency to develop the full GrooveAds service. Once developed, it’ll take care of your ads on Facebook, Google (PPC), and YouTube. It’ll cost 10% of your ad spend with a minimum of $2,500 monthly.

If you go past the $5,000 mark, the agency will even build funnels and write sales copy for you as well as create your sequence for email marketing.


GrooveKon is a live convention scheduled for next year, and it’s focused on developing a personal connection. Everyone who’s part of GrooveFunnels can attend the event for $497.

In case you don’t know, Mike is also the host for the yearly MarketersCruise each January, and the next one will take place a day after GrooveKon. Anyone joining the cruise will have free access to GrooveKon.


This is the second chance for you to meet the people behind GrooveDigital. You can join them over at Sidebar San Diego once a year for a free summit—complete with a party for the last night of the event.

It’ll start next year, of course, since this year’s summit had to be canceled because of the global health crisis.

Who’s working in GrooveDigital?

Mike Filsaime

Filsaime is one of the most successful online marketers right now, with over $1 million made through different brand launches, surpassing every other marketer in both revenue and amount of brands.

He’s estimated to have generated around $125 million by delivering marketing software—always tailored towards making things easier for online marketer and entrepreneurs.

In Filsaime’s portfolio, we have industry standards like Kartra and WebinarJam as well as other platforms like PayDotCom and DealGuardian.

John Cornetta

John is an eCommerce entrepreneur with several 6-figure stores, and his eCommerce expertise was critical when developing GrooveKart. Thanks to the needs he found unfulfilled by Shopify and similar platforms, GrooveKart was built to be better and easier to use while maintaining a more affordable price tag.

He’s also an eCommerce tutor, and his content is part of the eCommerce solution.

Matt Serralta

Matt is credited as GrooveKart’s architect, and he has over 10 years’ worth of experience in management, specifically around sales, executive operations, and—of course—eCommerce.

He’s perhaps better known as the previous COO for Prestashop, and he used to be an Office Depot consultant as well. His experience in both marketing and development has been critical to develop GrooveKart.

Mattijs Naus

Matt is GroovePages’ CTO, and he has more than enough experience building software solutions for online entrepreneurs, marketers, and businesses. Needless to say, it’s easy to assume he’s the technical backbone of GrooveDigital and the main responsible for materializing ideas into features.


GrooveFunnels is easily one of the most promising platform releases in the world of online marketing and entrepreneurship. As it stands right now, it’s already a fully-functional funnel builder as well as a sales and affiliate marketing platform to rival even the best in the industry.

Make sure to sign-up for the free access to GrooveSell and GroovePages while it’s available, and score that excellent deal to get GrooveFunnels for a lifetime before it releases as a monthly subscription.

Click Here Try out GrooveFunnels!

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my GrooveFunnels Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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