Full GrooveWebinars Review: How To Use It For Free

Today, we’ll take a look at what’s going on with GrooveWebinars: its estimated launch, how it’ll work, and what you can expect from it. In case you didn’t know, you can also use it for free, and I’ll also cover how to do so.

GrooveWebinars is a webinar platform from GrooveDigital, and it’ll be part of the GrooveFunnels toolkit. It comes from the same mind behind EverWebinar and WebinarJam, and it’ll also support both live and automated webinars.

GrooveWebinars is set for full release in the later months of 2020, but you can use it right now if you join the beta access for GrooveFunnels.

Filsaime’s timeline for GrooveWebinars

GrooveDigital expects to launch GrooveWebinars after development finishes for the priority apps: GrooveSell, GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, and GrooveMember—all part of GrooveFunnels.

The current plan is to begin with automated webinars since GoToWebinar already fills the live webinar needs for most marketers. However, the development team has already finished the UI and calendar, among other basic features.

In fact, most of its code has been finished, and it was 70% ready for launch. However, customer feedback expressed that GrooveVideo and GrooveMember should be prioritized, so they shifted work.

According to the team, it’s only missing the online wizard along the other integrations. GrooveDigital will employ GrooveSell elements, and thanks to the compatibility between all tools, it shouldn’t take long.

It’ll also integrate with GrooveMail to tag customers and send automated messages.

How to register with GrooveWebinars

If you want to register for a webinar in the platform, you’ll need to go through a webinar funnel with its own landing page.

Then, you can click on a web form before configuring it. You can choose GrooveWebinars from the drop-down, pick a webinar, and that’s it; your form is complete.

How to create a webinar funnel with GrooveWebinars

When creating the “thank you” page, you must keep in mind that there’s a block inside the page that can’t be deleted. In fact, you’ll get a message saying you can’t proceed if you try, and you won’t be able to use it later.

Said element is a crucial, dynamic block that’s set to display the date for the webinar along with the link.

With that out of the way, you also get an upsell page that you can use if you want to complement the webinar with an upsell.

Setting up your webinar will require 5 steps: the registration page, upsells, a “thank you” page, the lobby, and the replay option. All of them will offer templates for you to customize and launch. The replay page includes a video, but you can’t remove it since it would basically ruin the entire point.

How will the lobby look?

The lobby also has its own block that can’t be removed. It includes the countdown for your webinar as well as the redirection feature, and once GrooveWebinars is done, you just need to save the process.

The next step is to head over to your interface and pick the funnel type you wish to use. After you’ve done that, you don’t need to do anything else; you’re now free to create your own webinar pages from the GroovePages templates library.

You have different dynamic blocks to play with as well. You can add to calendars, pick times, add headers and footers, embed your policies, and more.

Comparing it to its closest competitors

Since Filsaime was also the co-founder for WebinarJam and EverWebinar, I want to take a moment to compare both features.

For starters, the only restrictions you have is editing and deleting a few elements—just like I explained earlier. Your templates will auto-fill these spaces, including hosts, duration, dates, etc.

You’re free to edit the templates as much as you want other than that. You can change colors, text, and more—as long as they don’t include the static elements. Luckily, you’ll be notified if you make a mistake and delete something you shouldn’t; said notification will also let you reset the setting.

There’s a few other elements you can’t delete, either, but you can edit them. These can be customized by adding logos and anything else you might need.

While that might sound restrictive, it’s actually a lot more flexible than the other platforms.

In essence, branding your GrooveWebinars pages is a lot more versatile than its closest competitors.

Will it launch earlier?

Mike Filsaime actually published a call on the official Facebook group. It offered insight into the real need for live webinars at GrooveFunnels’ current state, and it seemed most users preferred automated webinars as well as the other platforms being developed.

During the call, he also addressed the chance of automated webinars coming out quicker. After some time, he realizes that GrooveWebinars would be nearly finished after completing GrooveVideo’s development.

That’s why I mentioned earlier that the UI was almost ready, and that’s because it uses the same UI kit as GroovePages. Once GrooveFunnels is released, GrooveWebinars can be considered virtually complete.

In fact, GrooveWebinars is basically GrooveVideo with the option to implement live chat, which you can also simulate.

The other highlight from that call is that Filsaime mentioned that they could even launch a live GrooveWebinars version without simulated chat support. That means that—if GrooveWebinars is required to launch earlier—they can simply remove this feature and launch a fully-functional tool.

How much will it cost?

GrooveWebinars is planned to cost $299 monthly if bought separately, but it’ll also be included in the Platinum version of GrooveFunnels. The stand-alone version is still up for debate.

Don’t worry, I know you’re here for the free option, and there’s one. You can use it without paying anything until its full release, and if you pay for the special lifetime GrooveFunnels deal, then you can use it forever without monthly subscriptions.


GrooveWebinars is one of the best webinar platforms available, rivaling industry standards like WebinarJam. However, it’ll be countless times less expensive thanks to it being part of the full GrooveFunnels subscription.

Even better, you can use it for free until its full release, besides getting access to a lifetime deal after a single—or installments—payment.

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I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my GrooveWebinars Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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