How To Make Money From Amazon – 7 Ways To Get Paid By AMAZON Working From Home

Besides being world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon also offers opportunities to people in order to earn money. If you are into online marketing, then you have surely heard about Amazon’s affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates. It is one of the most popular home-based work opportunities. However, they have some other methods as well through which you can get paid. And all of them are work from home except one or two. These processes are not rich quick schemes, nor are they like survey sites that take a chunk of your time and have very low income. If you work hard in these online opportunities, you can get successful and can make it a part-time income if not full.

These seven ways are explained in detail in the next section:

  • Amazon Jobs- Working either from physical locations of Amazon or from home
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk- Earn by doing microtasks.
  • Amazon Flex- Job as a delivery person for Amazon but can set your own schedule
  • Merch by Amazon- Make and sell your merchandise at your own price
  • Amazon’s Self Publishing Services- Publish your own print books, kindle books and audiobooks
  • Amazon Associates- Promoting other people’s product through affiliate marketing
  • Fulfillment by Amazon- They pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products

Amazon jobs

Go to the Amazon Jobs section on the Amazon site, and you will see thousands of job openings at their physical locations. Some of these jobs are student programs, internships, full-time opportunities, fulfillment center career opportunities, and much more. They offer jobs at categories like Administrative support, Audio/Video production, business and merchant development, business intelligence, etc.

However, there is also a section called remote career opportunities( work from home). Select that to find any position that interests you. Sometimes, these virtual positions are available to the most qualified living in some areas. Hence, it’s best to opt for this role if you don’t live near any physical Amazon location.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as MTurk, is a crowdsourcing marketplace that gives individuals and businesses a chance to outsource their jobs and processes to a group of workforce who can do these tasks virtually. Now, these tasks contain almost everything starting from controlling simple data validation and research to more subjective tasks like survey participation, content moderation, and more.

It is the best way for companies to harness the intelligence, skills, and insights from the global workforce to efficiently use business processes, augment data collection and analysis, and accelerate machine learning development. Although technology can perform tasks better than us, works like moderating content, performing data deduplication, or research is best done by human beings only. Initially, these tasks were done by hiring a large temporary workforce but are usually time-consuming, expensive. With crowdsourcing, these laborious tasks are broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks and are done by workers around the Internet. It is also called micro-tasking.

Amazon Flex

Even though Amazon Flex is not work from home, it gives you the opportunity to work at your preferable time and schedule. With this method, you can easily make $18-$25 an hour for just delivering packages with Amazon. They claim that you are your own boss in this and will get more time to pursue your dream and goal. But first, you would need to install The Flex app.

How does it work?

  • At first, open the app and set your schedule telling Amazon when you are available to make deliveries
  • Pick you the packages. You need to load these packages with the help of the phone app.
  • See the location for the deliveries and arrive at your destination. The app will also show you directions.

You can even check your earnings using the app.

Merch by Amazon

There are many companies that offer sell your own merch opportunities way before Amazon, like Teespring and Viralstyle. However, one of the advantages of using merch by Amazon is that since it is a famous global retails, a lot of shops from here. It only increases your chances of selling more T-shirts and other merch of yours.

How does it work?

Start by uploading your artwork, select a product type and color, write a product description along with setting a price. Now when a customer buys your merch, Amazon will do the production, shipping, and customer service for you and with no upfront cost.

Merch by Amazon is still now by invitation only. If you want to get invited, then complete filling out an application form here:

Amazon’s Self Publishing Services

Amazon’s Self Publishing Services is a great opportunity for authors as it let them create kindle books, print books, and audiobooks as well. This service gives you more exposure by helping you reach millions of readers all across the globe. It’s a simple and fast process where you publish books with CreateSpace, your digital book with Kindle Direct Publishing, and create an audiobook with ACX. However, don’t worry, even if you are not a writer.

You can hire someone to write books for you. K Money Mastery course is an amazing course if you are thinking of opting for this service. Created by Stefan James, this course shows how to hire writers for writing the best book and learn how to make money with Amazon’s Kindle platform. It has helped many novice writers publishing their books as getting a book published from a recognized publishing company is a challenging task.

Amazon associates

Amazon associates is the affiliate marketing program of Amazon. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money with them. All you need to do is promote their products via the personal link they will send you and put it on your own website or blog or any other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc. You will earn a commission when people buy your recommended product by clicking that particular link. The program is easy and free to join, and there are millions of products available on Amazon that you can advertise. Also, you will get up to 10% in advertising fees. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative self-employment opportunity where you can run this business with zero startup costs.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment of Amazon(FBA) has the policy: You sell it, Amazon ships it. It means that the product you send to Amazon’s fulfillment centers remains there until they are sold. When a customer places an order, they pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products. FBA is one of the most advanced fulfillment networks all across the globe. This opportunity helps you to grow and scale your business by spreading awareness of your product to more customers.  Another benefit of using FBA services is that Amazon’s name is associated with the products which ensure the customers of quality guarantee. Also, sellers have to pay less shipping charges of products compared to if they sell it from individual’s account.


Now that you know about all the opportunities Amazon offers to get paid from them, determine which one suits you the best and opt for it. Amazon jobs are perfect for people who are qualified for the position and want to earn a good paycheck. But you want to start your own business without investing much, opt for Amazon associates. If you are a writer struggling to get their books published, select Amazon’s self-publishing services. These are the most popular Amazon methods to get paid among all the seven ways.

I hope you found this guide useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my How To Make Money From Amazon and I wish you the best of luck.

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