How to Use Opesta

If you are an online marketer, you must have already heard about messenger marketing and bots. Businesses of all sizes have successfully improved their marketing efforts using Facebook messenger chatbots.  

Facebook bots automate the messenger marketing completely. They increase traffic rate, provide targeted audience, provide more personalized user experience, provide 24/7 customer support, interact with users and generate leads automatically.

In basic terms Facebook bots/chatbots are programs built to automatically engage with the messages received on Facebook messenger. 

Opesta is First Facebook messenger automation platform. It includes everything that one can expect from an automation platform. You can create Facebook bots with Opesta without writing a single line of code.  It allows you to check who comes to your website and for how long the visitor stays on the particular website.

Other key features of Opetsa include:

Save unique data:

The best feature of Opesta is chatbot customization. Opesta provides an opportunity to gather unique data about the visitors or customers, with the custom fields.  

These fields provide a way to save particular responses to your library. You can then use these responses to make marketing decisions in future. 

For example you can ask customers about their nickname and save their response. You can then use this information as a part of your future messages to make it more personalized.

Pixel based tracking:

Pixel based tracking is a notable feature of Opesta. While you can only track open and click rates using other platforms, Opesta allows users to track conversions. 

Featured plans:

Most software platforms put usage restrictions on basic plan subscribers. Many important features are also not included in basic plans. This is very problematic for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are not ready to invest huge amounts on subscriptions. 

Opesta allows you to utilize all the features even with a basic plan. Opesta only limits usage without taking away any features.

Tracking and reporting:

Opesta has the ability to track and report the number of subscribers over time, a variable date range, and some basic statistics like total number of subscribers and sent messages. 

Specific data about sequence and broadcast can also be determined. 

This data helps to determine if your messenger bot marketing is working or not.

How to use Opesta?


  • After making payments for the plan you wish to subscribe, you will be presented with a button to create your Opesta account.
  • You will have to sign up and then login to your account.
  • The first step after login is to authorize Facebook. This can be done by connecting your Facebook page/pages to your Opesta account. Connect your page by clicking the buttons beside them.

Create campaigns/sequences:

  • Creating campaigns is a crucial part of Opesta, it helps in collecting subscribers and automating your messages. 
  • To create campaigns, navigate to the sidebar and click the campaign button.
  • After giving the name to your campaign, you will have to organize the campaign with sequences. Set up a sequence to be followed with that campaign. 

Campaign sequences are made of three elements: the trigger, content and the goal.

Sequence triggers:

  • Inside the sequence you will have to add triggers.
  • Triggers are the actions that need to happen in order for the sequence to start. A button click, a reply to post or even a specified keyword can be a trigger for your sequence to initiate.


  • After adding triggers, you have to input the content of your sequence. Sequence is a series of messages. 
  • Next step is to add messages. Adding new messages will put them into a list based sequence. While adding messages you will be able to choose which trigger the message applies to.
  • You can also activate delays between messages and determine the delay between your first message and the next one. 

Sequence goal:

  • In the last part you are required to define your goals. Goal is a step that you want your audience to take in order to end the sequence. 
  • You will get three options to choose from: pixel based, keyword based or a trigger based goal. 
  • Once you finish all the above steps, enable the campaign from the main screen. 

Send broadcast message

  • Sequences send the series of messages only when specific conditions are met, to send messages without any triggers you need to create broadcasts. 
  • In the sidebar, just above the campaign icon you can see the broadcast option. Creating broadcast is like a simplified version of sequence creation, as it does not include any triggers and goals 
  • Enter broadcast content and go to the settings tab. 
  • Choose your message type from the options provided. Carefully select ‘message type’ according to the content of your message or you might get banned by Facebook. 
  • Next, select the subscribers you wish to send the broadcast message from the ‘targeting’ option. 
  • Finally you can schedule the message for later if necessary. 

Subscriber management:

In Opesta you can view your contact list by choosing the ‘subscribers’ option in the sidebar. 

Here you will find all your subscribers who opted to receive Facebook messages via any one of your triggers. You can see their gender, status, and date of subscription.

I hope you found this guide useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my How to Use Opesta and I wish you the best of luck.

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