Instapage Pricing Guide: Plan Price And Features Breakdown

Instapage is among the most famous landing page tools today. It offers all of the features you need to build optimized and highly converting landing pages for all your products and services.

If you want to focus on building landing pages for your business, then Instapage is a solid specialized option that should suit your needs. Today, we’ll take a look at its subscription plans and what you get with each.

Read on if you don’t know which option is best for you.

Pricing options

Instapage has only 2 pricing tiers. The Business plan has a fixed $199 monthly price, but if you pay for the entire year, you get 33% off, or nearly 4 free months. On the other hand, the Enterprise plan is customizable depending on your company’s needs, and it has no fixed price.

While there’s not a free tier, you can try out the platform for 14 days before paying anything. The features you get during the free trial are the same ones from the Business plan.


The Business plan is the standard Instapage experience. You can build 30 landing pages for a maximum of 30,000 monthly visitors. You can have a team of 5 people under the same account, with space for 5 sub-accounts.

You have access to all of the main features: templates, split-testing, integrations, forms, SEO, and premium fonts. You can edit your pages using a visual and mobile-responsive builder, but you can also edit the code directly if you have the expertise.

You can brand your emails, implement Google’s sign on feature, and analytics to study the performance of your landing pages. This includes tracking pixels and heat maps.


The Enterprise plan comes with all features, but you can increase your capacity and functionality depending on your needs and budgets.

This plan also includes global blocks with full page migration if you need. This is done with a dedicated manager to help you with any doubts you might have. Customization is also more complete now, including fonts and additional features you want to implement.

Other features include analytics variations, collaborating in real-time, AMP experience, and lead bypass, among others.

Conclusion: how to choose your plan

It all boils down to business size and needs.

If your audience is smaller or you’re an individual entrepreneur, the Business plan will suffice for a very long time. The Enterprice tier is for big companies, with over than 30,000 visitors every month and a large team.

Customization also plays a role, and you might prefer to go for the Enterprise option if you want to personalize your entire platform. You can match your visitors’ intents, and this includes displaying personalized pages for each individual.

You also get a lot more support with the Enterprise plan, especially considering the dedicated manager. If you want to migrate other pages into your Instapage account, then the Enterprise plan is better.

However, that doesn’t mean the Business plan lacks a lot of features. It’s definitely more than enough for many entrepreneurs and business sizes, but the Enterprise tier is better for people who need more than what this plan offers.

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