Is Legendary Marketer Worth It?

There’s no denying that legendary marketer is one of the most popular and well-known online training courses for learning marketing skills. But people have differing opinions about legendary marketer, some people say that it is worth it and some others believe that legendary marketer is a scam. 

Although there are many bogus allegations against the Legendary Marketers that it may be a scam. The truth is that it is not a scam. Many of the marketers are running highly profitable companies after learning from legendary marketer. But whether it will be profitable for you or not is a completely different story. Everyone cannot achieve the same results from this. 

So to help you decide whether it’s worth your money or not, let’s look at the different aspects of the Legendary Marketer, how it works, their products, and the pricing.

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary marketer is an internet marketing program developed by David Sharpe, which offers various training courses to online marketers and entrepreneurs. It is made up of several low, medium, and high ticket products.

Legendary Marketer primarily offers video training on different topics related to internet marketing. But they also do live Q&A webinars weekly and Mastermind live events. You also have a chance to promote their training products and earn commission while learning. To help you earn it offers a high-income affiliate program

Legendary marketing affiliate program is a one level affiliate system. Here you will only earn for the purchases made on your referral. You cannot earn commissions based on other member’s referrals.

How Does the Legendary Marketer Work?

Legendary Marketer has two sign-up offers:

  1. You can sign up for their 15- day online business builder challenge. 

You can join this challenge by paying a fee of $7. This challenge will help you in the process of building your own business.

  1. You can purchase any of their three front-end offers and get free access to the fifteen day online business builder challenge. The products are;
  • Legendary Affiliate Marketing book ($1.99)
  • Copywriter’s Playbook ($1)
  • 15-Second Free Leads ($1)

After you finish the fifteen day challenge you get admitted in the program. You can choose a basic or pro plan to become an affiliate. 

Once you become an affiliate, you can start your first course, which is the legendary marketer club. If later someone joins the club with your referral you will earn commission. You can also earn commission by selling other products,

Legendary Marketer Products and Their Costs

Legendary eBook

First people had a chance to purchase an actual legendary book.  But as the popularity of legendary marketer grew it became out of date. 

However, David Sharpe published a new eBook titled the Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing and it’s one of the low ticket products that will help you get inside the program.

The price of the book is only $1.99. With this book you can learn all the affiliate marketing strategies,

Copywriter’s Playbook

Copywriter’s Playbook costs $1 and is an 8 module video course that teaches the different aspects of creating good copy. Creating a good copy is very important to turn your visitors into paying customers.

15-Second Free Leads

Tik tok is one of the famous social platforms. This platform can be used to drive leads and make profits with Legendary. 

You will get this product only for $1. 15-Second Free Leads is a documented training with 4 affiliates from Legendary who have seen good success for their company by using this platform for promotions,

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is for $7 (one time)

This is a 15-day course that teaches you the basics of building your own online business. You will get a training video each day, along with assignments to complete, and a Business Plan Advisor who will personally guide you for developing your business plan and getting it into action.

The Legendary Marketer Club 

This is a monthly subscription-based course that costs $30/month.

This product will help you learn all the basics of digital/ internet marketing. 

You will learn how to generate leads using Facebook, instagram and YouTube ads, and also have access to the Legendary Marketer webinar on internet marketing. 

You will also get marketing materials like Landing pages, video ads, banner ads, as well as ad copies, and email copies.

 Traffic Rodolex 

You can get this product for a one-time cost of $47.

This training course will guide you on the best ways of driving traffic to sales or landing pages with the use of different paid traffic strategies. It has courses related to Native Ads, LinkedIn Ads, instagram Ads and some more.

Business Blueprints

Legendary has business blueprints 4 high ticket business models: –

  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint
  • Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint 
  • Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint

Each blueprint offers full video training on each topic.

The other products include:

Legendary Builder Masterclass

This is a four part course for $2,500. These courses will train you to build your own business from scratch. You will learn how to improve your presentation skills to generate more leads. 

Legendary Leader Masterclass

Legendary leader masterclass is for $5,000. You will receive training on building and developing your brand, that will help you become the market leader. You also get access to interviews from successful business leaders. 

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Legendary marketer mastermind is a three day mastermind event that will cost you around $8,000. With this live event you can  traffic and lead generation strategies from best online marketers. 

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind 

This event is for $12000. It is a live mastermind event that helps to create and protect your wealth.

Pros and cons of legendary marketer


High quality trainings:

The courses of legendary marketer are very useful and informative. All its products provide in depth knowledge about their respective topics. These courses are a great way to learn and scale up your businesses.

Affiliate program:

Legendary marketer offers a great affiliate program for its users. It has one of the best affiliate backends. 

Personal coach:

Legendary marketer provides each user with a coach. You can get help and support from your own personal coach.

Very responsive customer support:

Legendary markets support team quickly replies to all user queries. They are very supportive and helpful in solving customer issues. 

Constantly updated:

Legendary marketer keeps all the courses updated and consistently adds new content. Some old rules have been changed for good. Legendary marketer now provides its users the ability to promote any product without necessarily having to purchase it.

30 day money back guarantee:

Legendary marketer gives you an opportunity to use its subscriptions for 30days, and if you are not happy with the courses or the working of the program you can ask for a refund within these days.

High commission:

Legendary marketers commissions are really high , you can make a huge amount of money for the purchases of high end products on your referral. You can have 40-60%of every sale you make and that could be around $12000 of commission. 


No PDFs and audio transcripts:

Having audios or PDF is very helpful because you can listen to it offline or read it anytime. But not every module contains these in the training program.

Pro subscription for higher commission:

Affiliates who opt for the basic plan get very low commission in comparison to pro affiliates. Pro subscription will cost you around $29.95month which is pretty high.

Strict approval process:

Not everyone can become an affiliate member of legendary marketer. You will have to complete the 15 day business challenge and then schedule minimum two calls with the business coach first, only then will you be able to apply as an official Legendary Marketer affiliate

No guaranteed approval :

Don’t think that just after applying you will get selected because there is no guarantee on selection. Legendary marketer is very particular about who can promote their products and who cannot

Is it worth it? Is Legendary Marketer for you?

Although legendary marketer was created to help beginners and intermediate marketers to build and increase the growth of their online businesses, it is not quite accessible to them because of the high price range. It is not a good option for beginners who don’t have enough funds for investment. 

Legendary marketer is best suited for anyone who wants to make money online, and can spend money on initial investment. If you don’t have money or don’t want to invest a few dollars before getting profits then legendary marketer is not for you. 

Legendary marketer can prove to be very profitable for you if you are a network marketer and who wants  to generate more  sales from online marketing.

Final thoughts:

There are so many possible ways to make good money online these days. The biggest issue faced by beginners is the fear that they might get scammed, as there are many scams on the internet and it’s very hard to find out what’s legitimate and what is not. 

When it comes to legendary marketing, it is 100% legitimate. This program is worth investing your money. It offers high-level training to anyone who wishes to have a successful online business. But the problem lies in it’s pricing. This program is very expensive

If the high ticket products are not in your range, just try to sign up for the 15day challenge or more cheaper options, learn from the training and earn a small commission from referrals. If you work really hard then you will eventually earn more.

I hope you found this guide useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Is Legendary Marketer Worth It and I wish you the best of luck.

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