Kartra Review: Should You Get It?

Kartra is one of the most popular marketing solutions right now, so it’s no coincidence you might be thinking about buying it. Well, that’s our focus for today: determining whether or not it’s worth your money after analyzing its features and anything it has to offer.

If you’ve struggled driving traffic to your website—be it via email marketing, landing pages, funnels, etc—then Kartra might be what you need.

Essentially, it’s a marketing platform focused on automation created by Genesis Digital. Its sole purpose is to give you the tools necessary to optimize your digital marketing by implementing several methods.

It doesn’t just help with promoting, but it also dives into some of the more intricate parts of running these campaigns. It can help you with web design, managing leads, distributing digital products, analyzing your marketing performance. It’s all in a single place.

Kartra has been sold as a sales funnel platform, much like ClickFunnels—you can often see them being compared. While it does support funnels, it also lets you host videos, create membership sections, automate your email marketing, manage affiliate marketers, etc.

Does it sound interesting? Well, let’s dive into it.


About the platform

Kartra is a full marketing platform that packages several tools that will help you promote your business on the internet. It was created a couple of years ago by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins; in just a couple of years, it has grown into one of the industry standards for digital marketing solutions.

If those names sound familiar, it’s because they’re the people behind Genesis Digital, LLC. The company is behind other projects like EverWebinar and WebinarJam.

Kartra has been adopted by thousands of businesses and independent entrepreneurs thanks to how intuitive it makes the entire ordeal. However, its main attraction is the assortment of features that you won’t find in its competitors—at least not together.

It’s often touted as a jack-of-all-trades, and it wouldn’t be too far from the truth. You can create different funnel types, automate your email marketing, and even design web pages all the way to hosting video and membership sections.

If you’ve heard about it before—and you follow marketing trends—then it’s probably from Frank Kern. He’s an advocate for Kartra, and if you haven’t heard about him, you can simply Google the name.

He’s one of the most famous digital marketers today, usually considered a legend by many. Even better, he actually offers training on how to use the platform for your own marketing attempts.

He offers several training modules and guides, and these are also officially endorsed by Kartra, so you’ll be learning from the best in the business.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra isn’t the cheapest tool available on the internet, but it’s not really much more expensive than its competitors, and you could find more expensive platforms.

You can get a 2-week trial for $1, but you can expect to invest at least $99 monthly if you wish to use it for the long run.

Still, it’s a good deal. You see, Kartra offers different solutions in a single package, and getting everything offered by Kartra would require you to pay for at least a couple of tools, thus elevating your budget significantly.

Of course, it might lack the depth offered by platforms focused solely on a single subject, but it’s an all-in-one solution that could save you money when you’re starting out.

$1 trial

The $1 trial is quite interesting. You can essentially pay just $1 to try out any of the plans for 14 days; that means from the silver to the diamond plan.

It might not be the same as entirely free trials, but it’s still a negligible sum for unrestricted access while you decide whether or not you want to use it.


The basic plan lets you add up to 2,500 leads to send up to 15,000 monthly emails. Your bandwidth is limited at 50GB.

Running a bit of math, you can basically send about 6 emails per lead at maximum capacity every month. It’s easily enough for small ventures, and it might be a good while before you need to upgrade your subscription.

The price is also affordable: $99 per month for all of the features offered.


The next subscription tier is $149 per month, bot it more than doubles your marketing capabilities. You can send up to 125,000 emails to a maximum of 12,500 leads. Your bandwidth is also upgraded to 125GB, and you can host 2 additional domains.

This would be the next step for people who succeed to grow their businesses with the silver plan. It lets you manage more potential clients.

On the other hand, it’s also the best choice for people who’ve never used Kartra, but they own—or plan on creating—several websites. If you want to create membership areas or landing pages for several websites, then this will likely be your first stop.

From gold to diamond

The following tiers are priced at $299 for gold, $499 for platinum, and $699 for diamond. They don’t really add much to your subscription other than increasing the amount of leads, emails, and websites from your previous plans.

As such, you might last for a long time with nothing but the silver plan, especially since you can already use all the features from Kartra even from the starter plan. Besides, the silver plan is one of the most popular plans precisely because it gives both beginner and intermediate entrepreneurs and marketers enough features to play around with.

It’s great for businesses with a lower budget since you don’t need to spend $700 every month to access Kartra’s full potential. Unless you’re already a huge company, you can get the starter plan and upgrade to higher tiers with the profits generated after you got it.

In the end, deciding whether or not you want to upgrade your plan is simple. You can simply wait until you’re about to outgrow your current plan’s capacity. If you’re just starting out, you can still consider only the amount of leads and websites you need to run.

In case you feel even the diamond plan is too limited for your needs, you can get an Enterprise plan. It’s basically a custom subscription for huge companies, and you can negotiate pricing directly with the developers.

Are there discounts?

You can get a discount on your monthly subscriptions if you decide to pay for the entire year right away.

Understandably, it’s a lot more difficult for smaller businesses than just paying $99 every month. However, you can save up to 25% every month if you can make the upfront investment.

Just make sure you can afford it comfortably and that you’re 100% sure Kartra is the platform you’re looking for.

Kartra Features

Kartra isn’t called an all-in-one solution for nothing, and there are many features behind this platform, which more than make up for the price.

As we mentioned, it’s pretty much an assortment of features you can find by purchasing different specialized platforms. You get analytics, page builders, automation, funnels, memberships, and more.

Page builder

Let’s start with the big one: the page builder. Many consider Kartra to be on-par with some of the largest names in the industry like Wix and Weebly, but there are some things it does better and some it does worse.

If the page builder was optimized, then it would be more than enough to make Kartra stand out over such names. It comes with countless features like SEO, management, and even some CMS sprinkled here and there.

You can assign pages to certain sites you already run, and while it might not be enough to run an entire business website or a big blog, it’s enough for small businesses needing membership areas and landing pages.

You can edit your SEO parameters from the settings pages, although it’s not as fleshed out as a specialized tool like Yoast. Still, it’s only an add-on to the other marketing methods enabled by the platform, and you can even set up your own tracking codes and integrate features like FB pixel.

The only area where Kartra really falls short against large editors is styling. You have basic customization: colors, dimensions, fonts, and CSS, but it’s not as powerful as Wix and similar solutions focused on website customization.

However, when taking blocks into consideration, Kartra really shines. You can build a website with little effort and coding knowledge just by dragging the elements around. It’s definitely one of the most in-depth page builders in this regard, and since they’re focused on marketing, they look outstanding.

You can also edit notifications and pop-ups, complete with templates for everything you can add. Just be careful with how much you use these elements. The interface might be a bit confusing at first, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it.

You can also edit columns and components, basically editing 2 different layers for your site. You can change the website structure by adding and removing columns. Keep in mind, although Kartra isn’t ideal for blogging, you can add Kartra pages on WordPress sites.

Finally, we have the menu. It’s the last stop after you’re done editing. You can save your progress and even save your current page as a template for future use. You can also preview you’re design before publishing it.

Templates and samples

As we already mentioned, there’s a template for almost any element and page you want to build. These include sales pages, squeezes, checkouts, pop-ups, and more. You can find one for any kind of business, and they’re fully customizable within minutes thanks to the editor.

You can rearrange the elements on a template as well as adding or deleting whatever you deem necessary until it suits your needs.

You even get copy samples already done for you. Of course, it wouldn’t be wise just to copy and paste these into your pages, but you can definitely use them after a few edits and changes to suit your own style and language. Besides, they’re great for you to get an idea for your own copywriting, and they’re far better than what you get on other builders.

A/B testing

A/B testing—or split-testing—lets you create different versions of the same page (funnel, landing pages, etc) and compare them.

Kartra lets you run split-tests for your different pages, and it’s quite in-depth thanks to the amount of customization available in the page editor. You can use it to detect which is version converts the best automatically.

It comes with real-time analytics for you to study your results as you like, too.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the main reasons why people recommend Kartra so much, and with good reason. Even after coming to it for the membership areas, I found myself loving its mailing features more than anything.

First off, we have the fact that you can automate your email marketing strategies with Kartra. It’s really simple as well, and you can customize your email responses depending on how your customers behave in your website; of course, you get to decide which emails are triggered by which actions.

It’s all done through a workflow builder from the likes of ActiveCampaign or Convertkit. You can add many conditions for your email automation, and you have access to a straightforward if-then system to make things natural.

Among the conditions, we have adding or removing tags and subscribers, sending email followups, and more.

You can also use Kartra as a dedicated email marketing platform like MailChimp. It creates lists, imports contacts, sends out broadcast, and even offers email templates. That’s just the basic stuff, too.

It’s also a very reliable platform when it comes to delivery. It’s easy to keep your emails away from spam folders—even the promotions section can be bypassed. If you’ve used the Actionetics software from ClickFunnels, then it’s the same benefit.

The advantage here is that you can only get Actionetics from the Etison (premium) plan on ClickFunnels, but it’s available even on Kartra’s starter plan. Besides, you also get funnel functionality, so you’d pay $99 instead of $297.

Marketing funnels

Speaking of funnels, you have a complete funnel creation feature that lets you create and connect all the elements, from your landing page to the checkout. This is where you notice how Kartra’s different features merge together.

You see, Kartra comes with premade campaigns from expert marketers around the world. You can import their pages, copy, presets, elements, and more. You’re then free to edit these funnels to suit your own style and brand, and it all takes an hour at most.

The team always keeps these campaigns updated as well, so you don’t have to settle for the ones you see once you join.

You can create list-building campaigns, which integrate opt-ins and giveaways to build your email list faster. You can use quick launches for new products as well, and this campaign comes from Frank Kern himself. You can promote eBooks using Frank’s known “book funnel”, and the same goes for promoting specific products from an eCommerce store.

Finally, you can use these funnels to direct traffic to a video presentation that you can use to promote products. These are similar to webinars, and it ties nicely into the next feature.

Courses and memberships

Kartra has all the tools necessary to host online courses and even restrict content areas. I’d say you can compare it to ClickFunnels’ membership features, but it’s a lot more sophisticated.

You can configure how you want to sell the products, and you get a wizard to guide you through the whole process. I can’t recommend it for physical products, but you can use it to sell courses, eBooks, coaching, and pretty much anything digital.

I’ve seen some people selling physical stuff from the platform, but I don’t really recommend it.

The membership, on the other hand, is amazing. You can show your users how much they’ve progressed with either a linear progression or completion badges. It’s not as fleshed-out as Teachable, but it’s more than enough to run a solid membership site.

Hosting videos

If you’re running a course, you don’t need to upload them to YouTube or Vimeo. Kartra has its own video engine for you to embed any videos directly.

It comes with nice features like CTA’s during play, folders for organizing your videos, tracking which videos your users watch, interaction analytics, and more. The only problem I’ve found with this function is that your bandwidth limits your video storage, and that’s sadly true for all plans.

Help desk

This is an amazing feature if you can implement it properly, and it basically lets you create a customer support hub. Customer satisfaction goes a long way in any business, and you can integrate this service without installing any other app.

This tool takes care of almost anything your customers will need. Yes, you get the standard support ticket system, but you can also create a knowledge database with helpful resources and even live chat support.

Other than direct phone calls, you pretty much get all the possible help channels, and that’s not all.

What’s best about the help desk feature is how the sales platform integrates with it. You can access all aspects of your customers’ profiles. You can check out what they’ve opted-in for, their purchases, email interaction, etc.

You can study your customers’ behavior and interest with lots of depth to improve your service. It’s not as specialized like LiveAgent, but it covers all the vital aspects.

Affiliate programs

Finally, you can create an entire affiliate programs to have others promote your business in exchange of a commission. You can have marketers generate your leads and even sales, and it works as good as many dedicated tools.

This feature can save you lots of money you’d otherwise need to spend on marketing. You can configure the sign-up page, approvals, questionnaires, and even give them their own landing pages and payment options.

And there’s more

Let me clarify that these are only the highlights among Kartra’s features. There are many more tools to play around with.

You can create forms with Kartra’s own editors. There’s also a calendar that lets you show when you’re available. Your clients can then schedule according to your availability, so it’s great for coaching or consulting services.

You also have a marketplace where you can either find affiliate marketers for your products or products to market yourself.

There’s also this feature called “behavioral adaptive marketing”, and it basically lets you adapt your page content to each visitor based on their profile details. It takes your user experience to a level I haven’t seen many platforms using.

You then have training programs, engagement analytics for your pages, and more. One last feature I’m really fond of is the “share campaign” option; you can basically sell your own campaigns and funnels to other peoples through Kartra.

Kartra Integrations

You’re not limited to what Kartra offers. If you already have your own platforms like autoresponders and similar tools, you can integrate them to Kartra.


Kartra supports 4 payment gateways. You have the industry standards: PayPal and Stripe, and you can also use Authorize and Braintree.

You should add your payment processor as soon as you set up your profile. Luckily, you can find the option right on the integrations tab.

Email marketing

Similar to the payment processors, you have 4 options regarding email systems: Mailgun, Elastic Email, Postmark, and Sendgrid.

Just keep in mind that you need to get an API key to integrate them, but you should be able to get it easily from your account or service support.


You can also integrate Kartra with several membership platforms. There aren’t many available for now, but it does cover the biggest ones like OptimizePress and Kajabi.


You can integrate Plivo, Nexmo or Twilo if you want to integrate SMS services into your Kartra account.


Zapier is an interesting integration, and that’s because it’s the only one you can’t configure from your account on Kartra. Some people don’t even know this is possible.

You need to set everything up from Zapier instead. It’ll take care of establishing the connection automatically, so you can do anything else while you wait for it to complete.

Who should (and shouldn’t) get Kartra?

Kartra is a perfect solution for people looking to automate their marketing efforts. It basically works like an artificial salesperson, and it’ll take your customer through your entire buying process.

It’ll take care of giving the right information to your customer so that they know what they’re buying. Therefore, it’s great for educational entrepreneurs; this includes course creators and consultants. Still, social media marketers and even affiliate marketers can take advantage of this platform.

In other words, it’s excellent for selling digital products and services.

Of course, not everyone can benefit equally from this tool. Right away, you don’t want to use Kartra to sell physical products—like for an eCommerce store. Again, you’ll find people who did so successfully, but they’re the exception rather than the rule.

Finally, Kartra can be more expensive if you want to run a large email list. It might be worthwhile to look at an alternative unless you have enough money to invest and can use effectively the other features.

Where to get Kartra From?? Kartra Discount Coupons

There are no discounts available for Kartra. Make sure you get Kartra only from the official website here, some people are being dishonest and claiming fake kartra discount coupons.


All in all, Kartra is one of the most powerful tools to promote digital products. It’s certainly more expensive than some of its competitors, but the sheer amount of features it packs saves you money in the end.

You have sales funnels, membership, video hosting, adaptive marketing, analytics, a powerful page editor, and more. If you want a flexible website to promote your services, then it’s definitely worth a look.

Click Here Try out The Kartra Trial!

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Kartra Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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