Kartra Vs. BuilderAll: Which One Should You Choose?

Today, we’re going to analyze two of the most popular marketing platforms on the internet: BuilderAll and Kartra.

It might be difficult to know how exactly they’re different—or most importantly, which one is the best option. That’s why we’re going to take a look at their core features, their similarities, and their differences,

With that in mind, let’s dive right into it.

About Kartra

Kartra is also a comprehensive marketing solution for online entrepreneurs, with hosting solutions, marketing funnels, and automation tools. It’s an industry reference for online marketing, competing with platforms like ClickFunnels.

Kartra is somewhat new, created in 2018 by the same people behind WebinarJam and EverWebinar: Genesis Digital. Still, it has earned a huge user base and reputation.

It’s great for marketers, business owners, course authors, coaches, and more. You can use its funnels, automation, and features to build and promote an entire business.


About BuilderAll

BuilderAll is a complete marketing suite with a main focus around sales funnels. It comes with lots of features, and its objective is to provide business owners with all the necessary tools to reach their clients.

It was created in 2011 by Erick Salgado. Its release targeted online entrepreneurs and marketers, with lots of features you’d only get after lots of studying or investing in different platforms.

It comes with countless features, all aimed towards intuitiveness and ease of use: from its editor to every marketing tool.

What do you get with Kartra

Premade campaigns

You can save countless hours thanks to both premade funnels and entire campaigns These have been created by experts among the Kartra team, so you can trust they can yield results.

You can import campaigns depending on your own goals, and there are hundreds of premade campaigns for every category. You can then edit them according to your needs and launch them.


Similar to the premade campaigns, you also have countless templates for individual pages for either your funnels or website. You have dozens of categories depending on what you want to achieve.

You can create pages for video sales letters, product launches, checkouts, and even blogs posts and homepages. Again, like with campaigns, you can edit them to your liking with the included drag-and-drop editor: adding, removing, and editing elements and styles.

Help desk

You can create an entire customer support hub to your Kartra website, and it’s the same used by the platform developers.

You can use live chat, support tickets, and calls through phone and Skype. A neat feature as well is the ability to create a resources section or product wiki; you can use this to offer guides and FAQ’s to your customers.

Hosting video

You don’t need to use platforms like Vimeo or YouTube for hosting your videos if you’re using Kartra. It comes with its own hosting platform and video player.

The video player also integrates with all other features from Kartra. You can add messages, forms and CTAs while the video is playing, and it works with the tagging features for marketing automation.

Behavioral adaptive marketing

Kartra’s BAM feature is one of my favorite additions, especially since I haven’t seen it implemented in other platforms.

Essentially, it’s an AI-like system that personalizes user experience based on their interests. It uses your visitors’ profile information to adapt your pages and contents to suit their preferences. Almost everyone visiting your website is greeted with a unique page.

The amount of elements it customizes is also quite surprising. It adapts copywriting, offers, video playback, buying options, and even products to the person looking at the pages.


Finally, you have access to an affiliate marketplace, which is also available in BuilderAll. What’s interesting about this feature is that Kartra has its own affiliate marketplace; you can use it to post your own offers for others to join or look for products you can promote.

What do you get with BuilderAll?


BuilderAll comes with lots of professional/looking and optimized templates for you to choose from.

It doesn’t really matter which page you want to create; you’ll find a template for it. You have access to sales and webinar pages as well as campaigns and sales funnels. You only need to choose one, customize it, and publish it.

Design tools

It also offers a fairly varied assortment of tools to design your business. All tools are quite powerful, and they don’t sacrifice intuitiveness to favor functionality.

You have access to a photo studio, and it works just like your standard editor; you can edit your photos, add effects, and more. Speaking of media, you can also edit videos on BuilderAll; it’s a great feature, and you can add different elements to your videos like audio and text or create fully animated videos.

Finally, there’s a design studio. It’s perfect for creating impressive visuals for your products and marketing.


Email marketing is an industry standard right now, and most marketing platforms wishing to offer a complete approach must implement it. BuilderAll has its own email solution: MailingBoss.

This platform is an integrated email marketing platform for creating and managing email lists and manages.

You can add and manage your subscribers; it implements traditional features like segmentation and tagging. You can also create entire campaigns and track your subscribers and efforts.


This one is one of my favorite features from BuilderAll, and it’s definitely a highlight in what it feels like a somewhat average array of tools. It also separates it from its competitors, including Kartra.

It might sound strange or “too good to be true”, but you can definitely create your own eCommerce store with BuilderAll. You’re free to design your store and list different products.

This feature is possible because BuilderAll has partnered with Magento, and you can use both platform’s features to build your site. It comes with all the tools you’d expect: editors, discounts, shopping carts, etc.


You can also create webinars using BuilderAll. Its in-built tool lets you create both evergreen and live streams with high quality video. It lets you build an audience by exploiting your own skills and knowledge while promoting your products.

You can save money you’d need to spend on platforms such as WebinarJam, especially since you have all the basics covered. You can stream recordings, schedule events, enable chats, and even monitor your stats among other features.

… And more

Especially with the latest 3.0 release, there are many features that would require an entire article to cover.

You have Messenger chat bots, membership websites, tracking tools, A/B testing, blogging and more. The same goes with external integrations to improve your reach: browser notifications, automating social media, FB pixel, and social proof. That’s just some of the features as well.

You have more than a couple dozens of applications integrated into BuilderAll.

Now, newcomers might feel overwhelmed by so many options being available right off the bat. If you’re only looking to design some funnels and automate your email, then you might feel frustrated or clueless with BuilderAll.

However, it’s still a lot of value included into a single platform, so it’s worth taking a look.

Similar features but different approaches

Intuitive editor

Both platforms come with their own drag-and-drop editors, although BuilderAll calls it “Pixel Perfect Builder”. It’s still the same thing, however.

What we need to point out here is that BuilderAll can be somewhat confusing now and then. It’s mainly because how it connects elements, and doing so can feel kind of clunky and off-putting.

Kartra’s editor isn’t perfect, though. It’s a lot more intuitive than BuilderAll’s for sure, but it feels more limited or rigid. It’s not as noticeable when working with templates, but working from scratch makes it a bit obvious.


Both platforms have their own premade templates for your own pages, all fully customizable.

BuilderAll offers highly customizable and attractive templates. They’re available for many types of pages: webinars, launches, sales pages, and even membership websites.

On the other hand, Kartra offers the same type and quality for templates. Its advantage lies in the premade campaigns from expert marketers; you can skip creating pages one-by-one by simply importing a complete sales funnel and editing it.


BuilderAll’s MailingBoss works great for handling your email marketing needs. It adds good automation features, and overall, “it gets the job done”.

Kartra’s email marketing functionality is a lot more advanced, though. You can automate a lot more tasks thanks to Kartra’s forms, which you can use to create different versions for your lead forms. They all integrate with your campaigns.

Besides, the automation system itself is extremely intuitive. You get a workflow system that feels natural. Combined with tags, conditions, and triggers, you have a lot more to play with—and less effort—than with BuilderAll.

Hosting courses and membership

Again, you can build your own online courses and even entire membership websites with both platforms. You can customize it to fit your brand, create pricing tiers, offer free courses and subscriptions, etc.

However, there’s not much difference between the two, but Kartra offers a less confusing approach.

Of course, you can use BuilderAll’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder, but other than that, you’re left on your own. Kartra offers more guidance thanks to the wizard it uses to guide you through the different steps to create your members section.


While sales funnels is one of Kartra’s main selling points, there’s one specific area where BuilderAll comes on top: webinar funnels. The latter lets you work entirely within your platform: from page design to streaming and even hosting your webinars.

You can even conduct evergreen webinars using ghost audiences, but that’s definitely something I wouldn’t recommend over its shady-ness.

Kartra does have excellent funnel design features, and the same goes for the webinar pages—don’t get me wrong. However, it loses this round because you need to integrate it with EverWebinar or WebinarJam.

Other than that, the features are pretty much the same.

Affiliate programs

Both Kartra and BuilderAll have their own affiliate programs. You can promote these platforms and earn a commission for generating traffic and sales for them.

BuilderAll offers a very nice affiliate program with good commissions. You can make a 30% rate, and it’s recurring.

Nevertheless, Kartra does come on top with its own affiliate program. It’s not too different, and commissions are also recurring. The difference is that it offers 10% more for your commissions.


  • BuilderAll

With BuilderAll, you previously had 3 different options when it comes to subscribing to the platform. The 3rd edition reduced these to only two, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not this is bad.

There’s also a free trial week.

The first plan is the Essential subscription, and it costs $29.90 monthly. As suggested by the name, it gives you access to the basic features: site builder, MailingBoss (with 10.000 leads maximum), and some others.

If you want to use all of its tools, you need the Premium subscription for $69.90 monthly. It simply unlocks BuilderAll, and it’s the only way to become a BuilderAll affiliate.

  • Kartra

Kartra has 4 different monthly price tiers:

  • Starter – $99.
  • Silver – $199.
  • Gold – $299.
  • Platinum – $499.

Its trial does cost $1, but it’s twice as long as BuilderAll’s.

The best thing is that all plans offer the entire tool suite from Kartra. The only difference between memberships is how many leads, emails, custom domains, and products you have access to. The starter plan limits you to 2 membership sites, but the Silver plan removes this limit.


It depends on what you want to do.

BuilderAll is the “jack of all trades” here. If you want to do as many things as you can from a single platform, then it’s your best call. However, it also means it lacks specialization, so it’s also the “master of none”.

Kartra focuses on just a few things: sales funnels, email automation, and content hosting. If you want to specialize in these, then go for Kartra.

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I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Kartra Vs BuilderAll and I wish you the best of luck.


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