Kartra Vs. Infusionsoft: Which One Should You Choose?

When you’re starting any type of business, choices will be part of your everyday life. It can be as simple as which title you want to use for your product description or as difficult as choosing the right platform to create and promote your course.

Today’s article is concerned with the second scenario. In particular, we’ll find out which platform is better for your needs in case you’re having to decide between Kartra and Infusionsoft.

Our goal here is simple: analyze each platform’s core features to learn which one can help you reach your goal. I’ll be giving you my verdict at the end as well in case you need an external opinion.

With that in mind, let’s start.

About Kartra

Kartra is one of the youngest marketing platforms in the market, but it’s also one of the most popular ones. It’s basically a funnel builder with heavy automation features and hosting solutions for online content.

In other words, is an all-in-one package for people looking to build and promote a business through content. This means it’s great for educational ventures like online courses, coaching websites or online memberships. It can also be used for promoting any type of product with a bit of creativity and practice.

It was created a couple years ago by the same people behind Genesis Digital, which is—at the same time—the same company behind solutions like EverWebinar. It’s also promoted and supported by Frank Kern.

About Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has somewhat similar features as Kartra but with a wholly different goal. It’s one of the most famous CRM (customer relationship management) platforms today, praised by entrepreneurs in either marketing and eCommerce.

It offers solutions for both areas, and it’s regularly compared with email services like ConvertKit and Aweber. This is because how many features circle around email marketing.

However, Infusionsoft is a lot more sophisticated and versatile; for starters, it’s more than just a marketing solution.

You can use it to create pages and processes for your business. Its software expands to payment processing, order fulfillment, workflows, and even analytics.

What features do you get with Kartra?

Help desk

One of the most helpful features in Kartra is its help desk. You can create entire customer support hubs for your different products, even independently. Others platforms would require an additional integration for this task, but not Kartra.

It’s also quite flexible. You can enable support tickets, live chat agents, and even direct calls via Skype or phone. You may also create a resources base—like a wiki—with information, guides, and other resources for customers who prefer self-service.

Funnels and campaigns

As we mentioned, Kartra is a superb platform for creating marketing funnels from the ground up. It has all of the features for you to come up with unique pages, but you can also save a lot of time thanks to the premade funnel campaigns.

You have access to a huge catalog of done-for-you funnels. These are built from scratch by professionals—such as Frank Kern—and they’re categorized depending on their niches and goals.

You have dozens of options for each category, and all you need to do is import one, customize it so that it fits your brand, and launch.

Email marketing

Automating your business is seamless thanks to a visual builder. It uses workflows and simple trigger commands (“if” and “then”) to automate entire processes from your funnel. With no coding experience, you can create unique customer experience across your entire business.

Besides, you also have access to an in-depth email marketing system. It has everything you need to build your mailing list, broadcast emails, start campaigns, and more.

Calendar app

This is an amazing little feature that’s perfect for coaches, consultants, teaching, or anything that requires live events.

You can basically post a live calendar based on your availability. Your customers can schedule their own appointments with you, and you’ll receive automated reminders. It also integrates with Kartra’s checkout, so scheduling and payment is done in a couple of minutes.


One of Kartra’s main selling points is its membership site features. You can build and host entire online courses on the platform. Then, you’re free to create membership tiers for it and segment the content depending on member level.

You get to decide which content your different tiers have access to, and the same goes for additional resources, bonuses, products, and more.

Finally, each member’s experience is tailored thanks to Kartra’s behavioral adaptive marketing system, which adapts pages and content to customer interests by using their profile information and behavior.


You also have an array of individual page templates at your disposal. You have access to countless optimized templates for every page in your funnel and website.

You have templates for forms, sales and squeeze pages, checkouts, carts, and even blog posts. Just like the campaigns, you just need to choose the one that fits your needs and customize it.

Video hosting

Kartra saves a lot of time you’d otherwise have to spend o finding a separate hosting solutions for your course content or even marketing approaches. You can host any video with Kartra if you don’t want to use external solutions.

Kartra has its own video player. It’s mobile friendly and with lots of options for your marketing needs. You can add messages, forms and CTAs to your videos, and it works with the internal tagging system to further personalize customer experience.


Kartra lets you create and manage affiliate programs for any of your products. It even has its own marketplace within Kartra, and you can use it to post your own affiliate offers for others to apply. If you want to make something extra, you can also look for programs where you can join as an affiliate marketer.


Finally, you can check out everything that happens with every area of your Kartra website. This includes new sign-ups, page and video views, URLs and emails clicked, and even how far your members have progressed with your course.

You can access a deep analytics dashboard from your Kartra profile to assess how your business is doing and which steps you’d like to take next.

What features do you get with Infusionsoft?

Marketing automation

Infusionsoft lets you automate the processes necessary to keep in touch with your email subscribers. You can also use it to promote repeated sales and personalized experiences depending on which actions your leads perform.

There’s a campaign building feature as well, and it lets you create diverse triggers and processes depending on which actions your leads perform during the campaign’s length.


CRM is definitely one of Infusionsoft’s highlight features. It basically lets you manage the relationship between your business and customers, as well as any interaction with them and potential clients.

The name is quite self-explanatory as well. You can use it to improve your business relationships overall, staying connected with all users and clients constantly thanks to a vast array of tools.


This feature is very similar to Kartra’s calendar, and it’s nice to see you can use it without having to get a third-party add-on. It works in the same way as well: you set up a calendar on your page that any client can use to schedule their own appointments with you.

It saves a lot of time you’d previously need to spend on phone calls or messaging. It also integrates with your Google Calendar, so you can update your available dates in real-time.


The pipeline feature essentially lets you assess your whole business on a single screen. You can use it to centralize your contacts and leads as well as customize all stages of your selling process.

You can think of it as somewhat of a sales funnel platform, but not strictly so.


Keap Messages is one of the most recent features added to Infusionsoft. It’s goal is to help you track, manage, and reply to any messages you get quickly and effectively. It also works with any mobile device.

The tool comes with a nice business line to keep your business messages and calls separated from your personal life.


Infusionsoft also comes with its own invoice-based payments app. It’s perfect to make it easier for customers to pay for your products and services. If you’ve had to chase late invoices or long overdue payments, you can understand how frustrating it can be.

Luckily, Infusionsoft’s invoices are great to keep relationships healthy and both you and your customers happy.

Personalized quotes

This somewhat builds on the previous feature. You can design professional quotes for your customers; these can be personalized to include services, how much they costed, and additional information about your business you might want to send.

Once sent, it reaches your customers quickly, and they’ll be able to review all the information you added.

You can even create templates for proposals. They let you add logos for branding and even your standard services charged per minute. You can save these templates and use them any time you need.

Having this feature integrated into the app gives you a lot more possibilities—besides saving money. You can offer your prospects a full overview of your service and how much it’ll cost them. Even better, as soon as they accept your proposal, you can move it from a “quote state” to the “quote email” stage seamlessly.


Similar to Kartra, you also get comprehensive reports of everything occurring within your business. You can study how your sales processes are performing via deep analytics dashboard as well as an automatic report feature.

Besides mere sales volume, you can also analyze how your campaigns perform, how many conversion each page generates, what your leads do, which emails have been opened and clicked through, revenue and income, etc.



Kartra has 4 different pricing options, which you can pay monthly or annually. The latter offers a 25% discount. These options are:

  • Starter – $99.
  • Silver – $199.
  • Gold – $299.
  • Platinum $499.

There’s also a 14 day trial with all the features for $1. You can start with it and upgrade it later.

What’s great about Kartra is that it lets you use all features from the get-go. The only difference between the different pricing tiers is how many emails, leads, products, and domain names you can manage.

The only exception is the Starter plan—limited to 2 membership sites—but the silver plan removes this cap.


Infusionsoft comes with 3 subscriptions tier. They’re also billed monthly and are as follows:

  • Grow – $79.
  • Pro – $149.
  • Infusionsoft – $149.

At the time of writing, there’s a limited offer to get your first month for free regardless of the plan. However, it seems like they usually offer similar offers.

So far it doesn’t look too pricey, but there’s an extra expense if you want to get the platform. It’s basically a private tutoring package to help you understand how to use the platform and develop a business plan.

It’s $199 for the Grow plan and $499 for both the Pro and Infusionsoft tiers.

The main difference between plans is the amount of contacts, but some advanced features are also restricted for the highest tiers.


If you want a CRM platform, then you obviously need to go for Infusionsoft since Kartra doesn’t go as far. In fact, I’d say that it’s one of the best CRM solutions available right now.

Just keep in mind it’s a really sophisticated platform, and it might be overwhelming if you’re only looking for building a site and selling products.

If you’re interested in a comprehensive suite with which to build sales funnels, help desks, and a membership site—with email automation and appointment booking included—then Kartra is the way to go.

It’s also more beginner-friendly. You don’t need to spend hundreds on tutoring to start using the platform to its full potential, and the starter plan is more than enough to kickstart your business.

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I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Kartra Vs Infusionsoft and I wish you the best of luck.


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