Konversion Theme Review

There is no denying the fact that e-commerce has completely changed the way people buy things in the 21st century. Most people these days prefer to shop online as it gives them access to better selection, better prices in many cases, and the comfort of shopping from their home.

This change in shopping habits offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs like you. The only thing you need to open your own online store is a platform that takes care of the technology side of things and allows you to focus on your core business.


Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions out there that encompasses everything you need to run your own online store. There is absolutely nothing it can’t do. You do not need to worry about setting up your own website from scratch. You do not need to worry about hosting or programming, or any other thing.

Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution. You just need to buy a domain and set your brand. You can build your own online store on this platform in just a few clicks. You can choose to sell as few as ten products or more than a thousand products. It’s entirely up to you.

It is integrated with more than 100 payment gateways, including all the most well-known payment methods. You can also manage it from your smartphone, and it is integrated with some of the most well-known drop-shippers. Moreover, you get all the technical support you need.

Shopify Themes – Importance of Investing in a Premium Theme

You get a number of free themes with your Shopify account. While free themes offer an excellent starting point but upgrading to a paid premium theme offers a variety of benefits.

With a premium theme, you get many more design options in terms of customization and richer customer experience. Premium themes offer enhanced mobile experience. It is important to upgrade to a premium theme in case you are experiencing a low conversion rate on mobile devices.

Most people these days like to shop from their smartphone, and it’s important to be mobile-friendly. A premium theme often comes with a variety of enhanced features such as homepage slideshow, quick buy buttons, and other such features.

Premium themes also offer a much smoother checkout experience, such as allowing the buyers to quickly add the products to their cart without the need to leave the page. This feature alone takes care of one of the biggest problems faced by online merchants, which are abandoned carts.

Konversion Theme Review 2020

This theme is designed to focus on conversion as it comes equipped with more than 20 conversion-boosting features. It is designed to be mobile-first. If you are an existing Shopify merchant, it’s likely that most of your traffic comes directly from mobile devices, and therefore, your store needs to look great on mobile as well as desktop. This theme offers an excellent user experience on mobile as well as desktop, which means it should help with lowering your cart abandonment rate.

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In addition to a complete e-commerce store, this theme also allows you to have up to 5 featured blog posts in various columns on the homepage. It allows you to have dates, post titles, read more buttons, and excerpts on the homepage. You’re also allowed to use HTML blocks for adding custom content. This feature means that you can add almost anything you want, including social media plug-ins, videos, buttons, links, text, and images, among other elements.

Add a testimonials block on your homepage as a slider or as a grid. Also, everything can be edited, including the name, company name, image, or text, and you can also add links to the inner blog posts or customer websites. Editing options include alignments as well as hiding or showing content on different devices. Needless to say, you can also edit fonts, text sizes as well as colors.

Adding logos is easy. If you have been featured by a popular newspaper or a popular blog, you can add their logo and add more credibility to your store. Social proof has been known to increase conversions.

If you want, you also have the option of showcasing customer reviews, the most recent blog posts, or an Instagram feed on the homepage. There are also many other features that can be added to the homepage. For instance, you can add social media buttons or a top bar announcing new promotions or Google Maps or Loox visual reviews, YouTube videos as well as forms with a various call to action buttons.

You have the option of featuring a single product with call-to-action buttons in your Shopify collections, or you can choose to showcase a collection of various featured products or a list of collections or your bestsellers, among other things. All these collections will include checkout buttons, images, image cropping as well as image hover over effects.

Collection Pages

Collection pages are an integral part of any successful online store, as they enable business owners to present their top-selling or top-rated products and services to their valued customers in an elegant yet simplified manner. Customers also benefit as it provides them the means to quickly search for popular or trendy products on a particular website, helping them make their purchasing decision faster without having to compromise on the quality of the products.

Konversion Shopify theme provides its users not only with the ability to create beautiful, 100% responsive and conversion-optimized collection pages but it also empowers them to make it more search engine friendly by integrating breadcrumb navigation, dynamically generating product description, etc. In addition, companies can also set up sort filters with drop-down navigation to help visitors and potential customers visiting their store to easily sort the products listed according to various data fields, including number of reviews, best rating, price, launch date, etc.

Konversion Shopify Theme is also among a handful of webshop templates that support infinite scrolling. This unique feature improves the page view of your online store by automatically loading the next product page when it detects that the visitor is near the end of the first page. Of course, you have control over the threshold, after which the next product page will be loaded, but the developers suggest leaving it as it is.

Now, apart from these essential and unique features, the Konversion theme brings 100% control over customization to businesses as well. Not only can users arrange the product placement layout, but they can also further customize it by adjusting the placement of product titles, descriptions, and images. In addition, to provide easy navigation for your prospects, you can include a full-featured drop-down navigation on the right or left sidebar. Of course, the placement will depend on the layout you’ve chosen for your collection page, i.e. whether it’s full width, right content and left sidebar, or left content and right sidebar.

Finally, to help you further embellish your collection pages, the Konversion theme comes with built-in support for banner images, which you can customize to your preference. You can add and customize titles, subtitles, overlay color variations, height, size, and more from an easy-to-use interface. You also have the option to enable or disable the visibility of banner images on mobile devices on either desktop.

Product Pages

The single most important page of any web store is its product page, and as a concerned business, you would want to do everything to make it search engine friendly, modern, and, at the same moment, easy to navigate.

According to research published by OneSapce [1], 76% of online customers go through product specifications before making any purchase decision. 71% of potential buyers look for reviews, and 87% among them make purchasing decisions only if the product has a majority of positive reviews [2]. In a similar way, product images, FAQs, and videos account for 66%, 28%, and 38% most sought after content on any product page, and it’s your responsibility to deliver these contents to your customers in an attractive but simplified manner.

Remember, 98% of online shoppers dissuaded from making a purchase due to incomplete or incorrect information, and many times, it happens because of complex website design rendering to which these shoppers aren’t able to find the information they are looking for even when they are already present leading to undesired loss.

Thankfully developers of the Konversion Shopify theme understand these crucial factors and have gone above and beyond to build and design a premium theme that not only can adapt to any brands’ design specifications but is also designed to present product information in the most user-friendly manner imaginable.

Apart from offering basic but crucial features such as product gallery, product specifications, and conversion-optimized add to cart options, Konversion theme goes one step beyond by providing integrated support for related products, content tabs, sticky add to cart button, and secure payment badge.

Furthermore, understanding the increasing trend of mobile browsing and shopping, Konversion offers an easy to use customization panel within which you can customize single product pages’ appearance on smartphones. You can customize components such as add to cart button and its placement. You can enable or disable the visibility of product description except modify the visibility of available product variants, pricing table, and so much more. And, you can do all these things without leaving the theme Control Panel by which I essentially mean that you can achieve the highest level of personalization without writing a single line of code.

Advanced Features

Integrated Page Builder

Konversion, unlike many other premium Shopify themes, brings you the ability to customize and personalize your website’s design by simply dragging and dropping various available content modules from within the theme administration panel.

This WYSIWYG editor enables you to add and edit various custom content blocks (which includes custom HTML, contact form, navigation, images, dynamically loading products, et cetera) [3] with a simple click of a button.

Currencies Switcher

Do you want to serve international customers? Well, if you want to make your brand global, then you will need to implement support for multiple currencies, which unfortunately doesn’t come cheap if you are into using the Konversion theme. There are few premium extensions on Shopify store that gets you assess to this functionality but at a premium of US$ 35-US$ 55 per month. But lucky for you, by investing in Konversion, you get access to this advanced feature that allows your customers to dynamically convert the currency and its value to their local currency by choosing the appropriate currency icon within the menu drawer.

Countdown Timer

What better way to persuade your visitors to make a purchase than to show them a countdown? A countdown that reminds them that they are going to lose the best deal of the day, month, year or perhaps their life if you don’t make their purchase decision that very moment.

Not only can you customize this countdown timer by modifying the provided variables ({days}-{hours}-{minutes}) but can also make them repeat automatically after the defined time ends.

Deal of the Day

This feature comprises two essential components, namely a widget for your header to feature your defined deal of the day and on another visit that you can include within single product pages to further improve your chances of tapping in more buyers.

Announcement Pop-Up

Once again, a premium feature for which you will have to pay nearly US$ 35 per month if you don’t have a Konversion theme. This feature allows you to enable automatic and 100% dynamically populated pop-up every time any website visitor becomes your customer by making any purchase.

You also have the ability to customize the pop-up to give your store visitors an awesome discount or access to a limited time offer.

Konversion Theme Pricing

As far as the pricing is concerned, this theme is definitely at the top end of the market with a single site license costing $197. Keep in mind that this theme offers excellent user experience on mobile as well as a desktop, and there are a ton of tested features in this theme that are proven to boost conversion. Also, this theme comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee and includes one year of support, which can be renewed at $97 per year.

A 3-site license will set you back by $394, but you will get to save a lot of money in case you already have multiple stores or plan to have more stores.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

Overall, this is a theme that is designed to work great on mobile devices as well as on a tablet and desktop. There are more than 20 different plug-ins included in the theme, providing you a lot of customization options. It will make your store look great and, more importantly, will boost the conversion rate. While it’s true that it’s a bit expensive as compared to the other themes, but the difference is worth it.

Go ahead and try it on your store. You can always take advantage of the 15-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with this theme.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Konversion Theme Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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