Opesta Pricing

Opetsa is a messenger automation platform used to build Facebook bots. This messenger bot tool is created by Ethan Sigmon especially for marketing.  

It ensures high visibility, interacts with users and generates leads automatically through customization and personalization. 

With opesta you can actually see who comes to your website, where they came from, and what they did while they were on your site. 

All this information can be later used to personalize your marketing technique according to visitors’ needs and interests. 

Such communications lead to increased engagement, higher open rates and conversions, and ultimately more sales.

Two methods of communication used by Opesta:

  • Campaign. 
  • Broadcast. 


In order to collect subscribers and send messages using Opesta, you need to create campaigns. 

Within a campaign you can create a sequence of messages, and then send them to your audience with the allocated time delays. Triggers, content and goals are the three main elements of campaign.


Trigger refers to the action your audience has to do to start an automation or sequence. 


Content is the series of messages to send to your audience after the trigger. 


Goal refers to the action your audience has to do in order to end the sequence.


Broadcasts are individual messages that you send out to all or part of your subscribers at a single time. Three steps in broadcast creation include:

Selecting message type:

Decide what type of broadcast you want to send. It can be a subscription broadcast, subscription event reminder broadcast, promotional broadcast, or follow-up broadcast.


The next step is to select the audience for your broadcast. Send the broadcast to everyone or only to subscribers who meet certain conditions or triggers. 

Schedule Broadcast:

Lastly you can choose when you want to send your broadcast. Send it now or schedule it for later.


  • Opesta is an easy to use chatbot with a variety of amazing features. One of the best features of Opesta is that it saves unique data with custom fields. 
  • Custom fields help you  save a particular response by the visitor to the library. The saved response can be used in future according to the need. For example, you can use it for sending messages along with the first name of your subscribers. 
  • Another impressive feature of Opesta is its Pixel-based tracking, which allows you to track conversions. 
  • The platform also offers Subscriber Management, where you can find the list of subscribers who initiated any of the triggers you applied and will receive messages.
  • Track and Report facility is provided to record the number of subscribers over time with a variable date range, total subscribers count and message sent. You can also have detailed data regarding your broadcasts and sequences.

Advantages and disadvantages of Opesta

 Advantages of Opesta are:

  • Opesta is a simple and easy to learn platform. 
  • Opesta has an affiliate program, this is a good way to increase online presence and boost sales. 
  • It has advanced triggers and previews for both, broadcast and sequence. 
  • All pricing plans are fully featured. It only limits usage capabilities but does not take away features from low cost plans.

Opesta disadvantages:

  • Opesta doesn’t provide large support documentation as other tools.
  • Opesta has the capability to support simple and limited options. If you want to do a bunch of complicated things on your bot, you will need to choose another platform. 
  • One of the main disadvantages of Opesta is that it doesn’t have the option to undo changes.

Opesta plans and pricing

Opesta has three pricing plans:  Basic, Essential, and High volume plan. 

As mentioned above all the plans are equally featured. The difference is in the number of subscribers, number of page connections allowed and of course the price. 

Basic plan:

  • This plan offers a 14-day free trial and will cost you $49 /month.
  • Basic plan allows you to chat with 5,000 subscribers.
  • With this plan you can connect your Opesta account to 2 Facebook pages. 
  • The basic plan subscription includes unlimited broadcast, campaigns and sequences. 

Essential plan:

  • Essential plan comes with a 14day free trial and the cost for monthly subscription is $99.
  • With the essential plan you can interact with 15000 subscribers. 
  • This plan allows you to link 4 Facebook pages to your Opesta account. 
  • Similar to the basic plan, this plan also allows unlimited broadcasts, campaigns, and sequences. 

High volume plan:

  • At a range of $149 a month high volume plan allows you to send messages to 30000 subscribers. 
  • Using this plan you can create as many Facebook pages as you want. 
  • Like the other two plans, this high-volume plan offers unlimited broadcasts, sequences and campaigns.

I hope you found this guide useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Opesta Pricing and I wish you the best of luck.

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