PayKickStart Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Shopping carts and checkouts are paramount for any online business focused around selling products. There are many solutions for this need, and PayKickStart is among the most beloved ones.

Sure, there might be cheaper options, but PayKickStart is still very affordable. Considering what it brings to the table, it’s actually a great deal.

That’s exactly what we’re going through: what it is, what it offers, and how much it costs. You’ll learn what are your payment options and what you’ll get with each one.

About the platform

PayKickStart is a shopping cart tool. It offers different tools and automation features to bring a flexible solution for subscription-based ventures.

It was released back in 2016, and it currently consists of 20 team members, servicing over 1,500 users and raising over half a billion in payments processed.

However, it’s not an all-in-one package for eCommerce; similarly, it’s not really in-line with the standard among shopping carts. PayKickStart really shines when it comes to subscription businesses as well as those centered around digital offers.

In other words, it’s the best choice if you sell software, educational products, membership sites, or online services.

That’s not to say it doesn’t work with physical products. You can use it to sell many types of products, but if you run an eCommerce business or physical products in general, then it might be better to look for an alternative.

Finally, PayKickStart is also an affiliate management solution. You can create affiliate programs for your products right from the platform if you’re willing to go for the more expensive plans, and that’s one of the best features of PayKickStart.

What features does it bring?

Managing subscriptions

PayKickStart offers many advanced tools to help you nurture a subscription business, with different models for smaller businesses, flexible billing, payments, and promotion tools.

Besides the standard subscription approach, PayKickStart also supports single payments. When we mention flexible billing, that’s because you can also price based on usage, offer freemium products, customize pricing, etc.

PayKickStart is easily one of the most advanced options when it comes to managing subscriptions and their payments regardless of your type of business. Small and large businesses alike can offer their services and products to their audience while providing flexible payment options.

Checkouts and payment gateways

Speaking of payments, PayKickStart also gives you several options to receive payments by integrating with some of the largest platforms like Stripe, PayPal, Authorize, EasyPayDirect, etc.

When it comes to the checkout pages directing to them, you have a lot to play with.

For starters, you have over 50 templates for your pages. Each one has their own style, so you’re free to choose one that fits your brand and customize it until it looks unique.

You can also embed pop-ups on both your checkouts and landing pages via a straightforward widget or PayKickStart’s API to customize your user experience.

Upsells, bumps, and coupons

First off, you can offer single-click upsells. You can use them to increase your order value while offering a comfortable way for customers to complement their purchases with related products. If they’re not interested in adding it, you can offer them other products that might interest them.

Secondly, we have the order bump feature. This one is perfect for getting more than a single sale from a customer who will disappear after getting what they want.

Lastly, you can offer special discount coupons to your clients. Providing time-limited offers to get a great deal might be enough to convince a potential customer to check out your products.

Pre-filling checkouts and pop-ups on exit intent

PayKickStart fills your checkout pages automatically from any information about your customers it collected previously. It makes the entire process a lot more efficient, and a seamless buying process is always a great incentive to come back.

This extends to customer addresses. When completing this field, PayKickStart will offer several suggestions to complete their addresses.

In case you don’t know, exit intent refers to whenever a user hovers over the button to close your store’s tab. This triggers an automatic reminder to make sure they want to leave instead of completing their shopping.

Pixel integration

This one is quite simple, but also pretty useful. You can track and retarget your customers and potential clients.

You can use a retargeting pixel to remind prospective buyers about your offers. It’s a great way to raise awareness about your solutions.

You can do this by integrating pixels like Facebook’s or Google Analytics, and it’s an excellent way to pull visitors towards your store.


Adding to the previous features, you can also use PayKickStart’s email marketing automation to keep your customers updates about their subscriptions and payments.

You can customize every reminder and then have the platform send it automatically to your clients. You can also specify in which point you want to end them. That’s because it works with an intuitive system based on triggers and rules that activate PayKickStart’s responses.

When it comes to which reminders you can send to your customers, PayKickStart offers 4: renewing subscriptions, trial period conclusion, expiring credit cards, and abandoned carts.

Affiliate programs

This is one of the main selling points for PayKickStart, and it’s a huge advantage over other alternatives. You can create subscription businesses, but you can take it to another level by creating and managing affiliate programs for your offers.

You can recruit and manage your affiliate marketers without having to implement external software. It’s quite fleshed-out as well, with features like commission flexibility, lifetime rates, affiliate contests, managing payouts, and even tracking your leads.

The contests are particularly useful since you can run real-time leaderboards to keep track of your best affiliates. These rankings are based on sales and revenue generated for you, and it’s great to offer a good incentive to market your products.

You can also enable bonus deliveries, and this lets your affiliates add their own bonuses to their affiliate offers. These are perfect for giving more freedom to your affiliates and attracting more leads.


This system comes with all the tools you’ll need to send invoices to your customers and make sure no one falls behind with their payments.

It’s not as good for SaaS businesses, but it’s great for businesses based around offering services. You can also add due dates to your invoices to keep them from forgetting about it.

Editing your invoices is also really easy to edit and customize.


PayKickStart also provides you with detailed reports on how your campaigns perform. The data in these reports include sales, subscriptions, traffic, and more.

Sales reports are great for analyzing how every product fares in terms of revenue and sales volumes. On the other hand, subscriptions reports let you keep track of your recurring income, average value, and related information.

There are also affiliate reports, and these let you analyze how each marketer is performing. Statistics include which affiliate brings more sales and conversions as well as how your contest rankings are going.

All reports can be exported to different formats in case you want to keep records or share them with your team.


Finally, you can still add more features to PayKickStart by pairing it with other platforms. Since it’s not an all-in-one solution, it makes sure to integrate with others to make up for what might be missing.

Besides its in-built features, you have over 60 different software integrations to expand what you can do with it. These integrations include payment gateways, email automation, webinar hosting, CRM and membership platforms, and more

If you’re interested in specific names, then some of the platforms you can pair with PayKickStart are ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, Demio, EverWebinar, GetResponse, and Convertkit, among others.


PayKickStart has your standard 3 subscription tiers. Each one has a different price, and you’ll get different features depending on which one you pay for. Naturally, every plan builds on the previous one with more features.

These plans are tailored to suit different business sizes and budgets, so you don’t have to pay for more than what you currently need.

Besides, you don’t need to commit to one of the options blindly. You can test every price plan for 14 days without any cost. It’s more than enough to understand what features they offer, how they work, and even learn how to use them before actually starting to pay for them.

Finally, subscriptions are monthly, but you can pay for the entire year in advance. While a noticeable commitment, you get a 20% discount.

Basic: $29 monthly

When billed annually, it decreases to $22 monthly, and it’s the best plan for individual entrepreneurs or small businesses on a tight budget.

This plan comes with every fundamental feature you’ll need for basic shopping carts, so it’s a nice starting point. However, you can’t create affiliate programs for your businesses, and there’s also a limit for how many products you can sell with it. You can only sell 5 products with it, but it should be enough depending on your business size.

Interestingly, there are still no transaction fees on this plan.

Other than the product limit and lack of affiliate marketing, you still have a very complete plan here. You still get the template library, billing and coupon features, single-click upsells, and reports.

If you need to add more features, it integrates with email services, membership services, and order fulfillment platforms.

Professional: $99 monthly

This time, you can pay $77 monthly by getting the entire year, and it’s the most popular plan in the platform. In general, it’s the standard  PayKickStart experience, with great value for your money.

As mentioned, this plan comes with all features offered by the basic plan. Besides adding new ones, it also improves the older ones; for instance, you can now sell all the products you want.

That’s a huge advantage for larger companies, yet not everyone getting this plan does so because they have more than 5 products. The extended features you get here are more than enough to justify the price.

You also have PayKickStart’s API functionality, which grants you access to more integrations than the ones already provided by the platform. You can choose from a library of over 60 native apps from PayKickStart.

Of course, it’s important to highlight the most important addition in this plan: affiliate management. PayKickStart’s affiliate marketing support is available here, and it’s the main reason why it’s so popular.

Other features here include order bumps, managing your users, licensing, and tracking your products.

Premium: $149 monthly

The Premium plan is the ultimate PayKickStart package for large businesses. It comes with everything PayKickStart has to offer, and it’s built to provide entrepreneurs with the most powerful version of this software.

Of course, you have access to every feature from the previous plans, but this one offers 4 unique additional features.

First, there’s the demographics functionality. It lets users target their audience with a lot more accuracy. You can target specific categories like age, ethnicity and education, with more advanced metrics like religion also supported.

Then, we have specialized monitoring features. You can keep track of everything that’s going on within your account, and these include both traffic and your affiliate marketers. Every process is made known to you, so it’s great to make sure everything runs smoothly.

In case you want to gain even more insight about your customers, then you get exactly what you need: surveys. You can conduct surveys for your customers, audience, and marketers. It’s particularly useful if you don’t like to launch offers and products without knowing all possible outcomes.

Finally, you also have audience building functionality, similar to what’s available from marketing-dedicated platforms. This is perfect for more than simply increasing traffic since you can make sure that traffic is exactly the one you should be targeting.

Comparison with the competition

Knowing what you get from PayKickStart and how much it costs you isn’t enough to decide whether or not it’s what you need. That’s why drawing comparisons is so important when it comes to choosing business solutions.

With that in mind, let’s compare it with the most popular—and similar—alternatives to PayKickStart to see how they compare in terms of price and value.


The first plan is Launch, for $49 monthly. It’s the cheapest plan available, and it comes with all the fundamental features for smaller businesses. The main feature here is that you can offer unlimited products with detailed reports on a custom domain. It also offers email integration.

Next, we have the Growth plan for $99 monthly. It can be compared to PayKickStart’s Professional plan in both price and features. Both come with the main features from their home platform, but you don’t get any affiliate marketing or API support with SamCart.

The Scale plan is $199 monthly, and just like the previous two, it’s noticeably more expensive than its PayKickStart equivalent. This plan does come with a lot of features, including affiliate programs and integration, but it’s still missing the surveys from its opponent while still costing more.

Enterprise is the last plan, and it costs $399. While it still has no surveys, it comes with a huge array of features. Some of these include an account manager, subscription migration, custom reports, launch reviews, sub accounts, roadmaps, and more.


There are essentially two options when it comes to getting ThriveCart.

The first one is the basic account, which comes with the standard cart features. You get reports, payment integrations, statistics, coupons, and mobile payments. It also offers email integration, so it’s fairly basic.

Then, there’s the Pro upgrade. This one is a lot more varied, with affiliate marketing, business projections, custom domains, subscription, tax calculator, and more. This version is often considered much better than PayKickStart.

ThriveCart is more expensive upfront, but it’s a single payment, which is cheaper in the long run. The standard account costs $495, and the Pro version is $690.


This one is basically a budget alternative: cheap prices for little features. It’s not really sophisticated, but it does what it needs to.

The first plan is Basics, and it’s $9 monthly. You can sell 10 products with 1GB for storage, but customization is quite limited.

The Standard plan costs $15. You can offer 30 products, PDF stamps, affiliate marketing, better customization, and 3GB for storage.

The Premium plan is the most popular, and it costs $24 monthly. You get 100 products and a single subscription. Storage here supports 5GB, and it includes card abandonment, upsells, video streams, and full customization.

Finally, the Business plan is $39 monthly, and it ads 250 products, 15GB, and 3 subscriptions.

For a basic solution, is more than enough for an excellent price.


While PayKickStart doesn’t bring everything to the table, it’s a perfect solution for smaller businesses with a healthy budget that still isn’t too big. Likewise, it’s a lot better for digital products.

However, it’s not the best or the most affordable option. If your budget is too tight, then SendOwl might be better for you. If you want to save more money with a much better platform, then ThriveCart’s upfront investment is better.

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