Full Visme Review: How Much Does It Cost? Is It Worth It?

Visme is a favorite among content creators; it comes with features to build flowcharts, presentations, GIFs, infographics, and more. It’s also our focus for today’s article; we’ll evaluate whether or not it’s the best platform for creating visuals.

Anyone starting a blog knows how beneficial it can be to implement different types of content. In fact, many experts will tell you how infographics help you build your backlinks, which translates into site authority.

Besides, they look great, and people are more prone to sharing them than plain text. Therefore, infographics became one of the favorite SEO strategies among experts. While it’s become less prominent in recent years, it’s still a great way to provide variety in your content.

However, that’s just my point of view. Visme does that and so much more, so let’s take a look at what you’re getting with it.

About the platform

Visme is an online platform focused on letting people communicate through visuals; this means presentations, animations, infographics, and more. It’s aim is to make these options available for people without design expertise. You can publish, embed, send, and download your creations after you’re done.

The platform has been around for more than 5 years, and since its release, it has gone through several updates. In fact, the latest iteration is the result of community feedback from more than a million users all around the world.

The main goal for this tool is to provide a versatile but intuitive solution for all types of creators in all types of industries. It’s a direct competitor to platforms like Canva, Prezi and Google Slides, but with a few more features.

For starters, you can animate different objects like pop-ups and links as well as assign actions to them. You can also add media like audio and video, embed content from external sources (like forms), track your traffic, and save all your content to your personal library.

Who can take advantage of Visme?

People tend to think Visme is a platform specifically designed for bloggers. That’s a common misconception; there’s not a certain target audience for Visme, and the amount of people who can benefit from it covers a very broad spectrum.

That’s why several million people are actively using the platform. Basically, everyone who can benefit from visual content in their business can also benefit from Visme.

Bloggers often recommend the platform because it lets them create both static and interactive visuals, like graphics and presentations. Of course, infographics also let them condense text into a more entertaining way to convey the same meaning.

However, educators, students, and businesses centered around education and e-learning can improve their communication methods greatly.

Again, any content creator can use Visme to improve their ventures greatly. It’s the easiest way to transform your content and how you create it; it lets you increase your audience’s engagement and overall entertainment.

You don’t even need to learn how to design; it comes with premade templates that you can simply edit and adapt to your own brand and style.

What does Visme let you do?

Sure, you already know that you can create better-looking content, but that’s a very broad explanation. Let’s see some of the best things you can do with Visme.


First off, you can design entire presentation slides using Visme, similar to solutions like PowerPoint. It comes with templates, free visuals, and countless icons. You also get graphs and interactive maps as well as settings like collaboration and content privacy.

Of course, you already know you can use it to create your own infographics. However, you can do that in mere minutes, so even if you’ve never designed a logo in your life, you can create professional infographics.

Printing designs like posters, menus, and business cards can also be created seamlessly with Visme. The same goes for proposals, reports, and eBooks. Fliers and banners also come with their own templates.

Naturally, social media content is easy to build using Visme. You can create posts for Facebook, Pinterest, and more. It also supports page covers and social graphics. Speaking of graphics, Visme is a solid graph maker, and you can create your own charts and graphs quickly and from scratch.

If you want to design roadmaps or timelines of certain journeys, then Visme suits you nicely. You can choose from several templates and edit their colors, fonts, backgrounds and icons to make sure it fits your brand. The same goes for changing its size.

Finally, you can create flowcharts using Visme. You get to change their shapes, style, fonts, layout, and even angles. You’re free to include animations and interactive elements before embedding them into a website or simply download them as PDFs.

Advantages of Visme

What makes Visme so different from other tools—besides its versatility—is that you can publish projects with different forms of access. You can publish it on the internet into a blog or website or download it as an PDF, image and HTML5 file.

It’ll never lose any of its features, including interactivity. People can simply download it and keep it offline, and that’s one of my favorite things about Visme.

As I said, there are dozens of platforms you can use to create online presentations, and many have somewhat similar features to Visme. However, there isn’t another platform with the same package as Visme; most of them are also more difficult to learn.

The only platform I’ve found to let you create different types of visual content without too much effort is Visme. When it comes to interactivity and adding things like video, audio or external widgets, you’ll have problems finding a tool like Visme.

Besides, the interface simply feels natural, and after using it for few minutes, you’ll be able to use Visme to its full potential. It’s hard to feel comfortable with other interfaces after you’ve used Visme.

Besides, you don’t need to learn anything about programming or design. It’s a great way to start creating your own presentations and visuals, and it’ll be more than enough to keep doing it for a while.

What features do you get?


Visme comes with countless assets, and they’re all ready as soon as you log into the app. You get widgets, text animation, images, vector icons, and more. They’re all divided into different categories to make it easier for you to find what you need for every project.

Content blocks

You can add and remove certain objects in your Visme interface. You only need to click on the specific element to delete or go to the content library filled with suggestions and find what you want to add.

Once you’ve found the content you want for your design, you simply drag it to where you need it and repeat.


As mentioned, there are templates for pretty much any presentation you want to create. There’s a lot of variety here, and you’ll find both infographics and presentation templates.

When it comes to presentations, you’ve probably stumbled across presentation templates if you’ve tried other platforms. That was actually Visme’s first steps, and you can find the same starting selection as legacy templates.

However, Visme simply blows other solutions out of the water if you want more slides than what you’d get from your average provider. Visme has almost 1,000 templates for custom slides; you can find either corporate and modern templates as well, so it’s hard to find ground uncovered by Visme.

The same goes for infographics. You get hundreds of professional templates as soon as you start. Of course, there’s the option to start your own from scratch with a blank template. There’s a huge library with content blocks in case you want to do things yourself.

These blocks can be stacked one on top of the other. They’re also completely customizable, and even if you decide to start from zero, your infographics will be done within minutes.


Managing your brand with Visme is quite easy. You have lots of variety as well: fonts, icons, libraries, and you can even manage your own requirements. You get to upload everything you need, too: templates, fonts, logos, and even color palette.


Visme comes with a fully featured—yet very easy to use—engine for creating animations. You can animate nearly every object with just a few clicks; you just need to find the object you want to animate, click on it, and apply one of the animations presets available.

Another option is to head over to your objects list. From there, you can check your objects’ position in relation with the others; there’s even an animation timeline, so you’re free to choose how you want the result to look.

Since its update, Visme now runs the entire animation system with a single timeline. This includes your widgets and audio, so you’re free to control the entire experience. You don’t need to search around your content until you find the right object.


Visme comes with 120 different fonts for you to use in all objects you want to add to your designs. You just need to drag the text to where you need it and click the drop-down list of fonts to choose your desired font.

There are many styles here, so you don’t have to worry about not finding one that suits you. You have handwritten, typewriter, and more modern options all in a single place.

You don’t have to use a single font for the entire design, either. You can change specific words, phrases, or sentences and change their style while keeping the rest intact. Keep in mind, this can be done within a single block as well.


Finally, Visme comes with its own audio engine; it’s the result of several requests from the community, which wanted to be able to upload their own MP3 audio files. There’s an entire library filled with audio tracks.

You can attach these files to certain slides of your presentation, or you can use them as the background for entire projects.

Of course, you’re also free to add your own audio. You can attach it with the same methods and even change its timing and fading from your control panel.

How much does it cost?

Visme actually has a lot of variety when it comes to pricing options. They all adapt to different needs and business sizes, and it even starts with a free option for individual, and it builds to both educator and business plans.

Like with other platforms in the industry, you can also get a discount if you decide to pay for the entire year instead of monthly.

The first plan is the Individual one, and the Free plan is available here. You can also get either the Standard or Complete plan for $14 and $25 every month, respectively.

The next tier is the Business plan, and it has 3 different plans depending on your business size. There’s a Single and Team plan, and they cost either $25 or $75 monthly, respectively. There’s also an Enterprise option, and you need to contact the support team to negotiate pricing and features.

The last tier is Educator, and it’s actually the cheapest tier available for its individual plans. There’s the Student and Educator plans here, for $30 and $60; the difference here is that you’ll pay for the semester, so it boils down to $5 and $10 for every month. It also has a School plan for entire institutions, but you also need to contact the support team to negotiate pricing and features.


Visme is an excellent platform for any content creator or any business wishing to employ a solid content marketing strategy. 5 million users around the entire globe are a testament to that.

With a completely free subscription option, there’s basically no reason for anyone not to try the platform. Even while quite limited, the free plan is more than enough to create your own slides, and if you decide to pay for it, you’ll only get more and more features.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be too wise not to give it a shot at least.affiliate link

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I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Visme Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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